Chanelle Lloyd is primarily known being the wife of basketball coach Tommy Loyd. We'll look into her personal life and other facts in this article.

Chanelle Lloyd's husband Tommy Loyd is the current head coach of the University of Arizona basketball team in the United States.

Tommy was named head coach at the University of Arizona on April 14, 2021, following 22 years as an assistant coach at Gonzaga.

He helped the team to five consecutive 30-win seasons and two appearances in the national championship game by developing 19 All-Americans and 15 conference players of the year.

Who Is Chanelle Lloyd? Tommy Lloyd Wife

Chanelle Lloyd is well-known for being a VIP companion. She exists, but there isn't much information available about her as a person.

She is well-known since she is married to a well-known basketball coach.

In 1997, the couple tied the knot.

According to Borzello, Lloyd is a Gonzaga and Spokane fan.

Moreover, in 2018, he and his wife, Chanelle, built a new home in Spokane, complete with a basement video game system decked out in Gonzaga paraphernalia.

The Age Gap Between Chanelle Lloyd and Tommy Lloyd

Given Chandelle Lloyd's appearance and her significant partner, Tommy Lloyd's age, it seems unlikely that they have a big age gap.

As per all accounts, Chanelle appears to be in her late thirties or forties.

Nonetheless, her exact date of birth and age remains a mystery.

Chanelle's age appears to be within the referenced age range.

On the other hand, her husband, Tommy, is 47 years old. He was born on December 21st, 1974, and his birthplace is Kelso, Washington. 

What Is Chanelle Lloyd Net Worth?

Chanelle Lloyd's net worth has not been revealed as of this writing.

We also can't estimate her earnings because it is unclear what she does on her own.

On the flip side, as per, her husband, Arizona coach Tommy Lloyd, makes a total of $2,900,000 in 2022.

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Does Chanelle Lloyd Have Kids? 

Chanelle Lloyd and her other half, Tommy Loyd, have three grown kids.

Maria Alexis (born in 2007) and Sophia Marie (born in 2004) are their two daughters, while Liam is their son (born in 2007).

Liam, the family's son, is a basketball player at Grand Canyon University.

That's when Lloyd realized he needed to form a new basketball family of his own.

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Find Chanelle Lloyd on Instagram

Chanelle Lloyd appears to be inactive on social media platforms such as Instagram.

There are only a few sources that provide useful information about her.