Charlie Munger's religion seems to be Christian and he is on the news for comparing crypto with Venereal disease.

Forbes claimed billionaire Charlie Munger is recently over the news for dissing the popularity of crypto. He said that crypto should be banned already and it is like venereal disease and also warns the republic of inflation. 

He further added that they already have digital money and the transactions happen through bank accounts. The investor hates the success of bitcoin and called its development disgusting. As per his thoughts, the asset is a wastage and it is developing only on speculations.

What Is Charlie Munger Religion?

Charlie Munger's religion is speculated to be Christian considering his background but it has never been confirmed by the billionaire himself. However, the surname Munger belong to all kinds of religion. 

Mostly found in India, mostly they are Hindus, followed by Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jain, and others. A major curiosity has been generated regarding his religion due to his last name being popular in South Asia. People want to know if he has any connection with the Subcontinent. 

To address people's curiosity, there is no information on his relationship with India. He was born in Omaha Nebraska, USA, and none of his family members seem to be from there. Hence, we believe he follows Christianity. 

Charlie Munger Wife Today In 2022

Charlie Munger is not married in 2022 and does not have a wife. Similarly, he has not addressed any of his relationships in public after his wife's death in 2010.

He was married to his first wife Nancy Huggin in 1945. The couple seemed very happy and people thought they were meant for each other. Munger met her when he was stationed in Alaska in the US airforce. however, the relationship did not last long and the two decided to part ways in the year 1953.

Further, he got married a second time to a woman with the same name as his ex-wife. Nancy Barry was the biggest support system all his life. They got married in the year 1956 and only death could part them in 2010.

Barry passed away in February of that year and since then, Munger has never been vocal about his relationships. Hence, we believe that he is single and unmarried in 2022.

Charlie Munger Net Worth 

Charlie Munger is one of the richest men on the planet. As per Forbes, his total net worth comes down to 2.4 billion USD. The multitalented man leads a luxurious life with his family in the US. 

His source of income is his investments and businesses.