Terry Giacomello is a chef who has transformed his profession into a source of inspiration for his everyday life. Has Wikipedia kept a profile on the Michelin-starred chef?

Until June 30, 2021, the star chef was the main driving force behind the Inkiostro restaurant in Parma, Italy. 

Chef Terry Giacomello has been a guest on MasterChef on multiple occasions.

Who Is Chef Terry Giacomello? Wikipedia Biografia 

Chef Terry Giacomello's Wikipedia page is unfortunately not available on its website. Terry, hopefully, will receive the support and attention he deserves from Wikipedia in the coming days.

Terry Giacomello was born in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia Giulia, and currently resides in Parma.

Terry's love of cooking began at the age of 13 when he assisted his mother, Wanda, in the kitchen.

As a result, Chef Terry enrolled in a catering school in Longarone to further his understanding of the art of cooking and its secrets.


He had various summer jobs and spent a couple of years in France working with Michel Bras and Marc Veyrat, two well-known chefs. In Milan, he collaborated with chef Sergio Mei.

Terry has also spent nearly four years at the El Bulli restaurant, where he worked with Spanish chef Ferran Adrià.

He has learned discipline, skill, humility, and the art of working with raw materials from great masters.

Terry Giacomello announced his departure from Parma's Inkiostro restaurant in 2021. He had been there for six years and wanted to launch his project.

Terry is rumored to be planning the opening of a new restaurant in Northern Italy, but these are only rumors and which are not confirmed yet.

Follow The Chef On Instagram 

Chef Terry GIacomello shares a lot of photographs of his work, i.e., his cuisine. Terry enjoys experimenting with new foods and sharing them with his Instagram followers.

To see his art, follow him on Instagram at @terrygiacomello.

Terry has 46.1K followers on Instagram.

Terry is friends with Rodolfo Guzman, a fellow chef. Giacomello shared a photo of him on his Instagram feed in 2019.

Chef Terry Giacomello Age: How Old Is He? 

Born in Aviano, Italy, Chef Terry Giacomello is 52 years old. 

He is going to turn 53 on October 8, 2022. 

What Is Chef Terry Giacomello Net Worth? 

Chef Terry Giacomello's net worth has not been confirmed.

Since he is a Michelin-starred chef, his earnings are definitely in the millions.


A Michelin-starred chef may expect to make between $150K and $250K each year.

Terry also appears on various programs, which is one of the numerous ways he earns money.

Chef Terry Giacomello Partner: Is He Married? 

Terry Giacomello has limited his personal information to a bare minimum.

Little is known about his martial career or his children.