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Fans wonder if Christine Chiu had a second baby with her husband as the new season of Bling Empire recently premiered.

Christine Chiu is a TV personality known for producing and starring in the program Bling Empire.

She is the co-founder and owner of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery and also owns other facilities.

However, it is from the TV program that the lady gained fame in the crowd as many people enjoyed watching the first season of the program.

Now the second season is also out, several viewers are already loving it.

As the lady continues to maintain the headlines, the attention has also shifted towards her personal life as the rumors of her pregnancy circulate on the internet.

Did Christine Chiu Have Second Baby With Husband Gabriel Chiu?

No, Christine Chiu doesn't have a second baby with her husband, Gabriel Chiu.

The talks of her recent pregnancy seem to have started after the woman shared a picture holding a baby as well as with a belly bump on mother's day.

However, that is thought to be the pictures of her first pregnancy when she welcomed her son rather than a new one.

Basically, it is the woman sharing her memories of the first time when she welcomed her kid.

On top of that, Christine's first childbirth was a bit complicated as it went to the point where her own life was almost in danger.

Due to that, the Chiu couple seems to have avoided another pregnancy as Gabriel is often scared about the rehappening of the first incident.

Thus, as things are, there is a quite low possibility that Christine is pregnant at the moment.

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Christine Chiu Divorce Rumors Explored

Although there are rumors of Christine Chiu getting divorced from her husband, these talks seem to be limited to internet hoaxes only.

There are no official reports that hint toward the separation of the lovely couple.

Christine and her spouse, Gabriel, are together in a married relationship since 2006 and have come a long way.

They share a special connection together and no claim to break that connection is known to this date.

So, unless any official information related to the split comes on the internet, nothing much on this topic can be said.

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