RHOC star Christine McGuinness teases new project following split from husband Paddy
RHOC star Christine McGuinness teases new project following split from husband Paddy( Source : digitalspy )

American Model Christine McGuinness has had a drastic transformation after getting plastic surgery.

An influencer at heart, she took to Instagram to update her loyal followers about the most recent updates about her life as she opened up about splitting from her marriage of 11 years.

In July, she and her former husband explained their judgment to part a healthy note. They tied to mend their broken bond again, going on a trip as their final resolution but concluding with a divorce. The lack of privacy surrounding their lives made it hard to deal with it privately, as they owed their audiences an explanation.

Her fanatics were worried about her mental health, as they genuinely wanted to know if she was okay. She tried to make a joke by posting emojis but opened her heart to say she had been better. Her focus remains only on her three kids, Penelope, Felicity, and Leo, as they were the true blessing in her life.

Living together may not be the best option, but they were trying to ease the kids out of their routine. They asked for a moment of peace for the sake of their offspring, as they did not ask to go through traumatic events in the limelight. 

Quick Info:

Full NameChristine Martin
Age34 years old
Birth20 March 1988
HometownBlackpool, Lancashire, England
Ex HusbandPaddy McGuinness
DaughterPenelope and Felicity Rose
OccupationModel, television personality

Has Christine McGuinness Done A Nose Job? Fans Speculate Botox And Jawline Surgery.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Christine McGuinness has not had a nose job or jawline surgery, but there may be a chance of botox.

The English reality TV star is not a stranger to cosmetic surgery, as she has been vocal about her breast enhancement after giving birth. She admitted in her 2021 autobiography, A Beautiful Nightmare, that she's not sure she would have had the surgery if it was not for the persuasion of a greedy corporation. Her lack of confidence made her feel like a separate person as she wished to return to her old self.

She had always had a heavy bust, but the fluctuation in her weight gave her unwanted anorexia. Dizziness and fainting spells became frequent, as she did not even watch herself giving birth. The event opened her eyes to getting her health in check, and she adopted a nutritional diet for nursing her kids. 

Childbirth is tricky for most women as the entire body changes, not just the reproductive organs. Stretch marks are common occurrences, as body deformities have connections to postpartum depression. 

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She got firsthand experience of the detrimental effects of giving birth to twins. It took her 18 months to get under the knife, enhancing her from a 32D to a 32E.

Her decisions changed because a cosmetic company approached her about the idea. As someone who makes money off of their appearance, she had scored a great deal after getting free surgery in exchange for a photoshoot. 

Indeed, she understood the repercussion of her image and the wrong actions of the company for commenting on her figure, but she desperately needed to find herself, so she accepted.

Besides, she remained pleased with the procedure and did not regret it.

Did Christine McGuinness Get Lip Filler? - Before And After

34-year-old TV personality Christine McGuinness has been adamant about not getting a lip filler as she and her former husband, Paddy, were against surgically enhancing their body. 

After doing a few changes to his hair in the pandemic, he took a jab at his peer, who would return with new faces after the lockdown. 

Christine McGuinness after and before her breast enhancement surgury
Christine McGuinness after and before her breast enhancement surgury ( Source : dailystar )

As parents of three growing children, they have always been adamant about the need to set examples by actions. 

Besides, the homelife is anything but easy, as the 48-year-old has three autistic juniors, twins Leo and Penelope, eight, and youngest child Felicity, six.

Going on vacation often becomes troublesome when the kids become a handful in foreign locations. But their go-to holidays are in Spain as they take all the necessary precautions for a safe journey. 

Oftentimes, things get hard to handle as he reported falling into a depressive state by caring for the twins day and night. 

Despite the meltdown and sensory overload, they are an inspirational trio as they don't care what the world thinks of them.

Last year, BBC came knocking to shoot a documentary about their extraordinary life called Our Family and Autism. The show did a brilliant job highlighting their experiences and consulting with development experts while dispelling the dangerous connections linked with autism and vaccines.

Mrs. McGuinness got shocked to discover she was on the mild spectrum and came to terms with her journey.

Meet Christine McGuinness And Her Journey From Teen Beauty To Real Housewife

Christine McGuinness has become a household name after her effortlessly glamorous self appeared in the Real Housewife of Cheshire.

The 34-year-old had a humble upbringing in Blackpool as her father remind absent after succumbing to his heroin addiction. She utilized her feature to the max by partaking in numerous beauty pageants throughout her adolescent years. By 16, she had competed in Miss Teen Commonwealth and won the title of Miss Liverpool two years later. 

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It did not take long for her to make a name in the modeling circle as she began to flaunt her body in fashion shows. 

Indeed, her incredibly dark brown hair and lashings of fake tan were enough to attract the attention of actor, comedian, and presenter Paddy McGuinness, as a mutual friend made the match.

After a night of talking and laughing, she realized who he was and began a casual fling. One dinner turned into a weekend of alone time as she moved into his apartment. 

Next thing she knew, he had popped the question while sitting in their pajamas by the fire and said their vows in Thornton Manor in Wirral.

The powerful duo appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and clarified their journey in This Morning and Good Morning Britain.

Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine shocked fans this week with news that their 11 years of marriage was over
Top Gear presenter Paddy McGuinness and his wife Christine shocked fans this week with news that their 11 years of marriage was over ( Source : irishmirror )


What surgery has Christine McGuinness had?

  • Campaigner Christine McGuinness had a boob job 18 months after welcoming her twins, enhancing her from a 32D to a 32E.

What did Christine McGuinness do?

  • She started her career as a beauty queen, performing in pageants across the UK and winning Miss Liverpool at 18. In 2007, Christine became Miss Commonwealth and modeled for Liverpool-based boutique Cricket in her bikini at the Liverpool Tennis Tournament shortly after.

Is Paddy McGuinness still married to Christine?

  • Paddy, 48, and Christine announced their separation after 11 years of marriage in July, with both parties sharing a statement on Instagram.

What sort of model was Christine McGuinness?

  • Christine McGuinness (née Martin; born 20 March 1988) is an English model, television personality, and former beauty queen.