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Chrysanthemum tattoo is popular due to its intricate petal designs and vibrant color possibilities. Across various tattoo styles, this bloom captivates with its aesthetic appeal and versatility.

People love putting them in different places on their bodies. Tattoo artists get creative, making designs that fit each person perfectly. These tattoos are all over social media, making them even more trendy and giving folks ideas for their own elegant floral ink. Here is the list of the top 20 best November birth flower tattoos.

Meaning of Chrysanthemum

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Native to Asia, the Chrysanthemum flower meaning symbolizes various virtues across cultures. Often called "mums," it is admired for its vibrant blooms in an array of colors, symbolizing joy, optimism, and longevity.

In Japan, the Chrysanthemum meaning holds immense cultural significance, representing the sun and embodying the beauty of life. Associated with autumn, it signifies rejuvenation and endurance through challenges. In different cultures, this flower carries diverse meanings, from honesty and loyalty to love and compassion. 

1. Traditional Chrysanthemum Tattoo

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Looking for a simple yet profound meaning November birth flower tattoo? This traditional tattoo having deep roots in Japanese culture represents different meanings based on its colour and design. In traditional Japanese tattoos, the flower symbolizes longevity, rejuvenation, and perfection.

Often, it's depicted with other elements like waves, dragons, or peonies, enhancing its symbolic significance. The tattoo's size, placement, and color also influence its meaning; for instance, a red chrysanthemum might represent love or passion, while a yellow one could signify happiness or joy.

2. Chrysanthemum Norigae Tattoo

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Inspired by traditional Korean ornament, giving the chrysanthemum a touch of Norigae, this tattoo embodies a reverence for tradition, celebrating enduring beauty and the interconnectedness of past and present. 

The Norigae is an ornamental tassel often adorned with various charms or symbols, worn as an accessory on hanboks (Korean traditional clothing). Combined chrysanthemum with the Norigae, ornamental hanbok, it signifies elegance, cultural heritage, and prosperity.

3. Chrysanthemum Mandala Tattoo

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The fusion of a chrysanthemum and mandala tattoo combines the intricate beauty and symbolism of both elements. The mandala, a symbol of the universe and balance, blends seamlessly with the chrysanthemum's petals, forming a mesmerizing circular design.

Each petal or section may symbolize life’s cyclical nature or personal growth, while the overall mandala structure signifies harmony and unity. This chrysanthemum flower tattoo represents a harmonious convergence of cultural heritage and spiritual exploration.

4. Chrysanthemum Butterfly Tattoo

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Want the most unique tattoo design for a chrysanthemum? This tattoo merging the butterfly with the flowers symbolizes a journey through change and growth, as the butterfly emerges from the chrysanthemum, portraying a metamorphosis into something new and beautiful.

The delicacy of the butterfly's wings contrasts with the intricate petals of the chrysanthemum, creating a harmonious blend of grace, resilience, and the ever-evolving nature of life. It captures the essence of embracing change and celebrating beauty in transformation.

5. Sunflowers and Chrysanthemums Tattoo

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Combining two different flowers not only gives eye-capturing visuals but also adds meaning to the tattoo. Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, adoration, and positivity, often associated with warmth and happiness due to their resemblance to the sun. 

The sunflower's vibrant energy and association with sunshine complement the chrysanthemum's resilience and enduring beauty. This combination might symbolize a union of loyalty and strength, depicting enduring positivity, steadfastness, and the ability to thrive even in challenging situations.

6. Snake and Chrysanthemums Tattoo

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The snake, often associated with transformation, rebirth, and wisdom, intertwines with the chrysanthemum, representing endurance, longevity, and beauty. This combination signifies a metamorphosis or a journey of growth and resilience.

In this design, the snake sheds its skin parallels life’s cycles of renewal and transformation, while the chrysanthemum’s enduring bloom amid the snake's coils reflects beauty and strength in the face of change. This tattoo conveys the concept of embracing transformation and finding beauty in resilience.

7. Chrysanthemum in Frame Tattoo

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Have you ever wondered how beautiful the flower on a frame may look? This design embodies a sense of nostalgia, encapsulating cherished memories or representing the protection of timeless values. It is a fusion of aesthetics and symbolism.

It can also symbolize an appreciation for life's fleeting beauty, capturing a moment within the boundaries of time. The frame itself might add artistic intricacy, varying from ornate designs to minimalist outlines, highlighting the flower's significance.

8. Koi Fish and Chrysanthemum Tattoo

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A Koi fish swimming amid chrysanthemums in a tattoo creates a profound fusion of symbolism. The Koi symbolizes perseverance, courage, and determination. Together, they represent a journey of resilience, transformation, and the pursuit of overcoming challenges.

The vibrant colors and movement of the Koi against the backdrop of delicate chrysanthemums create a visually stunning and meaningful composition, illustrating the harmony between strength and grace in the face of life's trials and transformations.

9. Chrysanthemum Skull Tattoo

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For the bold tattoo design, adding a skull to the flower is the perfect choice. This design signifies embracing beauty amidst the inevitability of death or finding resilience and strength amid life's fleeting nature.

The delicate petals juxtaposed with the skull's starkness create a visually compelling and thought-provoking image, capturing the essence of duality—beauty entwined with the inevitability of mortality. This skull tattoo serves as a reminder to appreciate life's beauty while acknowledging its transience.

10. Negative Space Chrysanthemum Tattoo

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This striking juxtaposition represents life and mortality. The skull's representation of mortality reminds us of life's impermanence. Combined this design signifies embracing beauty amidst the inevitability of death or finding resilience and strength amid life's fleeting nature.

The delicate petals juxtaposed with the skull's starkness create a visually compelling and thought-provoking image, capturing the essence of beauty entwined with the inevitability of mortality. This tattoo serves as a reminder to appreciate life's beauty inviting contemplation on the deeper aspects of existence.

11. Chrysanthemum Cat Tattoo

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Combining the symbolism of the chrysanthemum's endurance and beauty with the playful and mysterious nature of cats, this design often portrays a cat adorned with or surrounded by chrysanthemums, symbolizing a blend of grace, resilience, and elegance. 

It features a stylized or realistic depiction of a cat, possibly curled up among chrysanthemum flowers, with the flowers framing the feline or incorporated into its fur pattern. The chrysanthemums could be vibrant and detailed, enhancing the cat's presence and adding depth.

12. Chrysanthemum and Crescent Moon Tattoo

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This moon tattoo fusion symbolizes the interconnectedness of natural cycles and the enduring beauty found within transitions. It could represent a personal journey of growth and resilience, reminding the wearer of the beauty that persists even during times of change or transition.

The design features a chrysanthemum blooming gracefully against the backdrop of a crescent moon. The flower's delicate petals could intertwine with the curves of the moon or can also be placed below the moon, creating a harmonious and visually captivating composition.

13. Chrysanthemum with Waves Tattoo

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A chrysanthemum with waves tattoo is a beautiful amalgamation of nature's resilience and the fluidity of life. The design depicts a chrysanthemum set against or intertwined with stylized waves. The waves encircle or gently embrace the flower, portraying its strength amidst the dynamic forces of nature.

This tattoo encapsulates the idea of finding beauty and strength within life's constant changes and challenges. It signifies resilience and adaptation, portraying the chrysanthemum's enduring beauty within the rhythmic movement of waves.

14. Tiger with Chrysanthemums Tattoo

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Merging the strength with the endurance and beauty of the chrysanthemum, the tiger in the tattoo represents power, courage, and protection. It symbolizes a fusion of strength and grace, depicting the tiger's fierce energy alongside the enduring beauty of the chrysanthemum.

For the design, you can picture a fierce tiger moving and having its stripes mixing with the flower petals, making a really cool picture. While, the chrysanthemums surround the tiger or even be part of its fur, showing how tough the tiger is next to the delicate flowers.

15. Oriental Fan Chrysanthemums Tattoo

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Another best way to blend the beauty of flowers with the traditional elements, this tattoo evoke cultural symbolism and aesthetics. It represents themes of elegance, resilience, and appreciation for traditional artistry.

Showcasing an ornate Oriental fan embellished with intricate chrysanthemum blooms, the fan's folds could be delicately adorned with flowers, creating a visually stunning composition. The chrysanthemums can depicted in vibrant colors, accentuating the fan's elegance.

16. October and November Bouquet Tattoo

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A tattoo featuring a bouquet with calendula for October and a chrysanthemum for November is a vibrant and symbolic design. Calendula, also known as marigold, represents warmth, protection, and comfort. Paired with the chrysanthemum, the November flower tattoo, it symbolizes endurance, longevity, and beauty.

The bouquet incorporates both flowers in a harmonious arrangement, with the bright and cheerful calendula complementing the elegant and resilient chrysanthemum. This design signifies a blend of qualities associated with these birth flowers, such as warmth and endurance.

17. Chrysanthemum with Clock Tattoo

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The design features a chrysanthemum with a clock incorporated into its center or entwined with its petals. The clock could be portrayed with Roman numerals, gears, or symbolic elements, emphasizing the concept of time. The flower might surround the clock or bloom from within it.

This tattoo signifies a contemplation of life’s transient nature, the appreciation of beauty in every moment, or a reminder to value each passing second. It's a profound representation of the coexistence of timeless beauty and the fleeting nature of time.

18. Scorpio with Chrysanthemum Tattoo

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You can also try merging the scorpio zodiac sign's traits with the symbolism of the chrysanthemum. Scorpio, characterized by intensity, passion, and resilience, harmonizes with the enduring beauty and longevity symbolized by the chrysanthemum.

For the design, a stylized Scorpio symbol is intertwined with or adorned by chrysanthemum blooms. The scorpion could be depicted in a dynamic pose, its tail or body adorned with chrysanthemum petals. The tattoo represents the intricate balance between strength and enduring beauty.

19. Chrysanthemum with Daruma Tattoo

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In this design, a chrysanthemum is intertwined with or placed near a Daruma doll. The Daruma doll, representing perseverance and the pursuit of goals, typically has one eye filled in when a goal is set and the other upon accomplishment.

This tattoo signifies the fusion of enduring beauty with the unwavering determination represented by the Daruma. It could symbolize setting aspirations and persistently working toward them while appreciating the beauty found within the journey.

20. Chrysanthemum with Chains Tattoo

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A chrysanthemum birth flower tattoo with chains could embody contrasting symbolism. It blends the beauty of the flower with the concept of strength, resilience, or restraint associated with chains. The tattoo also represents personal growth and development.

The delicacy of the flower juxtaposed with the strength and constraint of the chains might represent resilience amid adversity or beauty overcoming hardship. It holds diverse interpretations, capturing the dichotomy between beauty and restraint and confinement.