Colleen Ballinger is with her ex-husband
Colleen Ballinger is with her ex-husband( Source : superfame )

There is a rumor about Colleen Ballinger Cheaed on her ex-husband Joshua Evans, who was just got married a year ago.

Colleen is an American Comedian, actor, singer, YouTuber, and writer. She is best known for her Internet persona Miranda Sings, who she created and starred in a Netflix original series titled Haters Back Off (2016–2017).

Miranda Sings is a one-woman comedy act that she performs on tour in theaters all over the world.

Ballinger created the comically untalented, egotistical, and eccentric character to satirize the numerous YouTube videos of amateur singers trying to break into the entertainment industry but who don't seem to realize their lack of talent.

Did Colleen Ballinger Cheat On Ex Husband Joshua Evans?

Colleen Ballinger does not cheated on her ex husband Joshua Evans. There is no any proof that she has cheated on him. 

They both divorced, it does not mean any one of them cheated on each other. They choose to end marriage that obviously wasn't working. 

There is no open reason behind the divoce. They suddenly give the massage in the video that they are spliting.  Collen said through tears that they are getting divorce.

Colleen Ballinger is in concert in wonder park
Colleen Ballinger is in concert in wonder park ( Source : people )

She opened up in the tearjerking 12-minute video about the reasons she had to break up with Josh, making it abundantly clear that cheating was not one of them.

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Colleen Ballinger Reason For Divorce

Colleen Ballinger and her ex husband split in 2016 after a year of marriage. Joshua, who is currently married to Pamela Rose Rodriquez, recently claimed that he never disclosed the truth about his divorce on the internet.

With full of emotion, she said that Jashua is a wonderful man, and she is in love with him. again she clearify that this is nothing to do with he is a bad person or did somthing harrible to her, or anything like that. 

In the end, she explained they have always had a very rock relationship since the begining.. they have always butted heads, they have always fought, from their first met. 

she have realized that they both were unhappy and this is the reason that they splited. 

Colleen Ballinger Boyfriend Or Husband 

Colleen Ballinger got married to her husband, Erick Stocklin. Talking about her early life, Ballinger left the West coast in 2010 to pursue performing opportunities in New York City, but she returned in 2012 after realizing that she needed to work with the Los Angeles-based YouTubers community if she wanted to grow her YouTube audience.

After several years of dating, She and Joshua Evans were married in California in July 2015. Ballinger and Evans made their divorce announcement in separate YouTube videos in September 2016. 

Colleen Ballinger is with her husband Erik Stocklin.
Colleen Ballinger is with her husband Erik Stocklin.( Source : suggest )

Later, Ballinger bought a brand-new house in Encino, California.When she cast actor Erik Stocklin to play Miranda's love interest in Haters Back Off in 2016, she got to know him.

Early in 2018 the couple started dating, and they got engaged later that year. Flynn Timothy Stocklin, a boy, was born on December 10, 2018, and twins Maisy Joanne and Wesley Koy Stocklin, a girl and boy, were born on November 6, 2021.