Collistar, a new generation rap artist, has been sensational with his beats, and his album is charting up. His latest hit song, 1952, has just hit the music platform and performs well with numbers.

Collistar is a well-known name for the secular UK rap scenes. After his recent decision to shift towards Christian music, the musical artist has been in the limelight. 

Collistar Rap Artist Age: How Old He?

The infamous British rapper, Collistar has been confidential about his birth facts and is keeping it a secret. However, according to his Instagram post, Collistar is 24 years of age.

In 2015, Collistar started his musical journey shelling down various sets across the capital. The musical artist gathered the momentum to drop his debut project Valentine.

The artist dived into the music industry at such a young age and has done a tremendous job to be one of the reputed rappers.

Read Collistar Wikipedia: Biography Explored 

Presently, Collistar's name has not been listed on the official site of Wikipedia. In 2015 with the release of his first project, Valentine, brought him to national attention with radio plays on the likes of 1Xtra.

However, his release of Welcome to Britain in 2017 was the one that rose him to fame. Thousands of new listeners tuned into his music, and he was an icon.

Although in 2020, the artist removed all of his songs from the online music platform. His fans were shocked by his decision. However, he has come back into the rap industry with his new hit 1952.

How Much Is Collistar Worth? Net Worth 2022 Revealed 

Collistar has preferred to live a simple life and has not talked about his net worth on the media. 

The artist makes his living by selling thunderstorm beats and beautifully driven lyrics on rap sensation. He uploads his music on different platforms such as YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud. 

Apart from that, Collistar earns a ton of grand from his concert and shows all around the UK. Considering his success and exposure to the industry, he is undoubtedly worth thousands of dollars in his name.

Collistar Real Name: A Look Into His Latest Hits

The rap artist, Collistar has been globally known for his stage name. However, his real name remains behind the scene and is still a big question mark on the internet. 

The rapper is comfortable with people calling him by stage name and does not want to disclose his real name. Although, at some point, he may reveal his real name.

He has been hitting the headlines on media with his recent hit 1952. 

The song has received more than 244K views on Spotify and has 7.9K views on YouTube. The independent artist is going hard and strong with his recent project.

Meet Collistar On Twitter 

The famous personality, Collistar is an active figure on Twitter and can be found with the username @Collistar_.

However, he is not a frequent user and has only nine tweets. He has created a fanbase of 205 followers while he does not follow anybody on Twitter.

Collistar's nine tweets revolve around his professional life. He often promotes his music on the global platform.