Courtney Parchman net worth is $2 million. Courtney garnered an astonishing amount of her wealth being a comedian and an actress.

Parchman, popularly known as "@avreagefashionblogger," is a social media star. The comedian's hilarious posts and videos get more than a million views on Instagram and Tiktok.

The actress will appear in Netflix's holiday special episode, "Who Killed Santa? A Murderville Murder Mystery". The comedy mystery is a spinoff of the improv comedy series, Murderville, which was released in early 2022.

Directed by Laura Murphy, the fifty-two-minute episode stars Parchman as one of the main leads alongside Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Maya Rudolf, Lilan Bowden, Kurt Braunohler, and Haneefah Wood.

How Much Is Courtney Parchman Net Worth?

Courtney Parchman net worth is $2 million as of 2022. Courtney is a comedian, making herself a place as an actress in the entertainment industry.

Born in Virginia and raised in Dallas, Texas, The 25-year-old found her love for comedy right after she graduated from Oklahoma State University. To pursue a career in comedy, Parchman moved to Los Angeles and is currently residing there.

Courtney striking a pose in orange top and blue jeans
Courtney striking a pose in orange top and blue jeans ( Source : instagram )

Parchman's primary source of income is her job as the Digital Content Writer at Comedy Central in New York. She began working for Paramount Global's cable channel in March 2020.

The same year, Parchman dipped her toes into acting, making her debut in the short romantic comedy film Red Flag. The actress plays one of the red flags in the comedy film written and directed by Mack Ogden.

Also a social media star, Parchman has been actively curating content on popular social media sites. More than a million users have watched her videos on Tiktok. Likewise, her reels on Instagram also have millions and thousands of views.

Four Ways Courtney Makes Her Money

1. Digital Content Creator

Courtney works as Digital Content Creator for Comedy Central
Courtney works as Digital Content Creator for Comedy Central ( Source : linkedin )

Courtney primarily makes her income as a digital content creator for Comedy Central. The comedian joined the cable channel in March 2020 on a contractual basis.

In the nine-month program, Parchman worked alongside four other content creators and developed content for Comedy Central's digital platform based in New York. A content creator in the US makes an average salary of $44,192 per year as of 2022.

Additionally, Parchman conducted on-street interviews in Austin earlier in November, partnering with Comedy Central as the "average fashion blogger," her social media persona.

2. Acting

Courtney makes her income working in movies and television shows.
Courtney makes her income working in movies and television shows. ( Source : cinemablend )

Since her debut in the short film Red flag, the actress has done several films and TV shows. Will Bakke's The Get Together is Parchman’s feature film, where she plays the lead character, August.

Before starring in the 2021 film, The One You’re With, she did two more short films named "Rehearsal" and "Party Slut" and briefly appeared in the Mini Mocks TV series for Comedy Central.

A Netflix holiday special starring Parchman is releasing on December 15th. She previously appeared on the streaming platform's reality show Is It Cake as a judge for an episode. Her upcoming projects, Sugarbaby and Parallel, are still in production.

3. Social Media Promotions

Parchman is known as @averagefashionblogger on social media
Parchman is known as @averagefashionblogger on social media ( Source : instagram )

Parchman is on various social media platforms as @averagefashionblogger, known for her hilarious content. Her Tiktok account has more than 1.1 million followers and has a whopping 76.2 million likes on her videos.

The comedian uses her Instagram handle for paid promotions for several brands and products. She has sponsored Modani Furniture , and Babe Rose drink from @drinkbabe and has done commercials for Tubi and @HyundaiUSA.

The comedian never misses leaving her mark on promotional videos, sprinkling her comedy ways. She has gathered 425K followers on Instagram, and her reels have millions of views.  

4. Youtube Videos

Parchman makes vlogs on her Youtube Channel
Parchman makes vlogs on her Youtube Channel ( Source : youtube )

Comedian Parchman has been making side-money uploading videos on Youtube. She has 4.7K subscribers on her channel and has posted a total of 15 videos.

The video-sharing platform has become a popular way of gaining fame on the Internet and making money as well. A Youtuber can earn an average of $18 per 1,000 ad views, which is $3 to $5 per video view.

However, Parchman has yet to upload any new videos since last year. Her last video is the comedian surprising her fans with the news that she was on Bachelorette. She also came for a video with ELLE playing their song association game.