Daniel met Aaron after a long time and expressed his excitement
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Daniel Diemer brother Aaron Diemer is a Digital Campaign Consultant at Diemer Consultants. Aaron is a younger sibling of Daniel.

Daniel is a well-known Canadian actor, athlete, television personality, and model born in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia.

After playing the role of Paul Munsky in the Netflix Original web series "The Half of It," he rose in the eyes of the public.

In 2014, he made his on-screen debut in a Sidney York music video, after which he attended the Victoria Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied Acting in Film and Theater.

The actor began his career with short films before landing his breakthrough role in the TV series Sacred Lies, which helped him gain popularity.

He also did television shows like The Man in the High Castle, Sacred Lies, and many others.

His Younger Sibling Aaron Is A Digital Media Specialist

Daniel Diemer brother Aaron Diemer is a Digital Media Specialist at Diemer Consultants. He is an MBA graduate from Capella University. 

Aaron is a sports fanatic. He was a former International Junior Tennis Champion, competing against top athletes from over 50 countries.

He has attended tennis academies in Amsterdam, Florida, and Vancouver. At the age of 17, he won two international doubles championships.

Aaron has won two international doubles championships at the age of 17
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Diemer worked as an Advertising Representative at Ogilvy, which was based in Canada, for a short time after finishing his MBA. He assisted in advertising production for clients like Samsung, Reese's, and Fitbit.

His Linkedin profile mentioned that he also participated in the commercial film production process and digital media campaigns for client brands to manage perception and drive consumer demand.

The MBA graduate then worked as Business Development Manager at Better Wealth Solution, a company based in the United States.

His role was to form alliances with industry experts to expand the client base, manage the company, and execute client and partner engagement.

Aaron has been a Digital Campaign Consultant and Paid Media Specialist with Diemer Consultants for almost three years. He creates full-scale marketing campaigns for Facebook, Google, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

The former Tennis player is also an expert at Increasing annual revenue for a luxury e-commerce company and optimizing landing pages for PPC campaigns to increase conversions at Dimer Consultants.

Daniel and Aaron celebrating siblings day in 2017
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Both siblings are extremely close and have a very strong bond. They are talented and working in their respective fields where they are good at getting a positive outcome.

He is available on various social media platforms; for more insight, he is known on Instagram as @aaron_diemer, where he posts pictures about his personal and professional life.

Daniel Family Is Famous In Canada

Daniel Diemer was born in British Columbia, Canada. His ancestors are Dutch, and his family is originally from the Netherlands.

Daniel and Aaron were both athletes growing up in Brentwood Bay. Daniel was so good at soccer that he was invited to play internationally at 12.

Greg Diemer, his father, is a tennis coach and a famous businessman based in Canada. After working at various companies, he now runs the family business, Diemer Management Consultants, in British Columbia.

His family is originally from the Netherlands. He is a Canadian citizen and has not revealed any information about his mother. 

His Fathers Own The Company Diemer Management Consultants

Greg's Linkedin profile shows he has worked in finance for over 15 years. His background includes public accounting, internal auditing, and controllership for various companies.

With Diemer Management Consultants, Greg offers his clients management and financial consulting services, and his company believes in bringing clarity and improving the strategic decision-making of the customers.

He also focuses on aligning the resources with a long-term plan and being part of solutions that will guide boards, chiefs, and councils in risk-based forward-looking planning.

Greg is the owner of Diemer Management Consultants
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His father has specialized in financial management services system improvement, project management, budgeting, bookkeeping efficiency, and, Internal audits.

Greg was also the founder and first president of the Institute of Internal Auditors' Victoria Chapter and a very supportive father to his sons, who motivates them to pursue the career they are interested in. 

Daniel, a well-known artist, is an active social media user who frequently shares glimpses of his personal and professional life on his social media handle.

He is available on Instagram with the username @daniel_diemer and is followed by 92.1k followers till the writing of this article.