Danna is a 38-year-old musician and songwriter who knows a thing or two about risky ventures
Danna is a 38-year-old musician and songwriter who knows a thing or two about risky ventures( Source : bravotv )

Love Without Borders Bravo cast member Danna Richards, a YouTuber, opened up about her horrifying experience with Youtuber Shay Carl.

Bravo is gearing up to bring people with standard jobs and grant them a chance at love. Their latest format has a phenomenal lineup, including Richards, as they seek what every human desires the most, true love. 

But finding the chosen one is not easy when they have to change their point of view and open their minds to sacrifice for a future partner. 

Indeed, Expert Arica Angeloi is here to guide them through the experience as they pack their stuff and carry their luggage to fly to unknown destinations. With no recollection of where they are heading, they must begin their adventure and possibly their last shot at finding the one.

Danna is one of the singles hoping to meet her lover but opened up about her trouble in a youtube video.

Danna Richards Was Once An Employee of Youtuber Shay Carl

Danna Richards, a musical content creator, became a voice for victims when she uploaded a video tell-all for a well-known YouTuber, Shay Carl.

It all began when she did an exposure on her Instagram stories which have since gotten deleted. A few eagle eyes managed to screen garbed her rant, where she said she'd been working with her employer for the last few years.

In September, she uploaded an hour-long video where she admitted to an event where she performed under his thumb. 

She began by saying that the only reason she had remained silent was out of respect for his family, but seeing his podcast with Roman Atwood resurfaced the horrible memories as she debunked his lies.

After moving to Los Angeles, she got duped by a studio. Four years ago, she was good friends with him and his family as they had a similar work ethic of producing one video daily. 

Although there were rumors of his loose hands, she did not heed mind to the naysayer and began editing his daily videos. He convinced her and her brother to move to Idaho and fully work under him when creating music in his barn.

However, the family had problems as they stopped doing daily vlogs. She got distraught with the lack of work. 


Danna Richards at the Flathead Lake in Montana in 2021
Danna Richards at the Flathead Lake in Montana in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

One day he showed up at her doorstep, and he pressured her to let him sleep in her bed while trying to kiss her. Fortunately, her brother was in the same room, and he called a cab to send him home. 

The realization sunk in the next day as she lost the energy to keep operating under him. She depended on him for money and felt disgusted when she edited his picture-perfect family when the reality was much more sinister. 

Eventually, the stress triumphed over as she sent him back his money and wrote a letter to his wife, Colette Butler, warning her about his tendencies. But she got disheartened when she never got a reply, showing that the woman had taken her assailant's side. 

Is Danna Richards The Only Woman Harassed By Shay Carl?

Sadly, Danna Richards was not the only victim of Family Youtuber Shay Carl, as rumors of his infidelity have been making rounds since 2017.

Cam girl Aria Nina revealed on social media platforms that they have an online relationship. The sensational revelations ran like fire through the platform as fans asked for answers.

Meanwhile, he suffered from alcoholism and deactivated his Twitter, never accepting or denying her words. 

According to Richards, Carl's victims are endless and have messaged her, praising her bravery for speaking up. 

Love Without Borders Bravo Cast Danna Richards is a Musician and Songwriter

Musician-songwriter Danna Richards is a Livingston, Montana, native and grew up in Morman. The 38-year-old was always free-spirited and dreamt of making it as an artist. 

So she had already made a choice when it came time to pick a school as she attended and graduated from the Berklee College Of Music, a prestigious music academy in Boston, Massachusetts.

It did not take long for her to realize that the best way to reach the most ears was through the internet. She opened her channel and started a project called My Nine To Five, where she wrote, recorded, and posted every day for one whole year. 

Danna Richards traveling in her van in 2021
Danna Richards traveling in her van in 2021 ( Source : instagram )

During that time, her channel became very popular, with her most-known song, Warning Sign, gathering more than 25,000 views.

Indeed, she moved to Los Angeles after she got a job offer from Makeup Studios. 

After coming on location, she finally read the agreement, which stated they would own her entire discography. She had enough brains to stop the contract from happening and took up nannying kids, including Shay's kids, to pay the bills. 

Eventually, she made music students and taught many kids while working on her Youtube music career.

Speaking of the platform, she has gained 59 thousand subscribers on her channel, where she talks about her solo female travel journey. 

Besides, traveling is not her only passion as she makeshifts her home into a fitness gym and music study on a whim.