Kate Hudson surprises her future mother-in-law with a garden makeover on HGTV's Celebrity IOU
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 Danny Fujikawa mother Melissa Linehan appeared on HGTV Celebrity IOU with her future daughter-in-law.

Kate Hudson gifted her soon-to-be mother-in-law a surprise backyard renovation on Celebrity IOU.

The fourth episode of Celebrity IOU Season 4 premiered on December 5, 2022, and fans were excited to see how Kate would thank her. The episode was indeed an emotional rollercoaster.

For those who don't know, Celebrity IOU is a popular HGTV series where Hollywood A-listers surprise their friends and family with upgrades as a heartfelt gift. They express deep gratitude to their loved ones who have significantly impacted their lives.

Kate also used the opportunity to show her appreciation and love for Melissa. She teamed up with the Property Brother stars Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott to surprise Linehan with a beautiful renovation.

This was Kate's way of expressing her gratitude to Melissa as the famous actress transformed her backyard with a stunning makeover.

Meet Danny Fujikawa Mother Melissa Linehan

Danny Fujikawa has a loving mother Melissa Linehan who is a retired educator who raised her kids on her own.

She recently appeared on HGTV with her future daughter-in-law Kate Hudson.

Melissa is enjoying her retired life with her kids and now requires a safer, more functional backyard and spend happy time with her grandchildren. Recently, Lineham was involved in a minor accident that caused two broken ankles -she is fine and recovering.

She is of Scottish, Irish, and British ethnicity. She is incredibly close to her granddaughter from Kate and Danny, Rani Rose. People reported Rose loves to sing and dance with her grandmother while they trim the vegetable patch. 

Besides Danny, Linehan has two sons, Michael and Brady, with her former husband, Ron Fujikawa. Michael and Danny were founding members of the band "Chief" The band released one EP and one album before disbanding. 

She also babysits her granddaughter when Daddy and Kate are busy with their schedules. For Rose, Melissa is her "Grandma MuuMuu."

Melissa's granddaughter, Rani Rose, calls her Moo Moo
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In April 2021, Melissa came to look after her granddaughter Rose, while Kate got into self-care that included stretching with hand weights. The actress shared the video of her workout on her Instagram handle.

Kate Hudson does exercise while her son plays in the background
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In the background, Grandma MuuMuu is seen giving her undivided love and attention to Rose as the actress investigates various exercise equipment. Kate wrote of the first clips, "Thank God for Grandma (MuuMuu), or I'd never get this in."

Celebrity IOU Season 4 Part 2 Features Kate Hudson Involved In Backyard Remodeling

Kate Hudson as she surprises Melissa Lineham with a garden makeover in Celebrity IOU Season 4.

In the episode "Kate Hudson's Extravagant Backyard Build," the beautiful actress transforms her worn-out outdoor area and garden into a haven to unwind and entertain. This is her way of expressing her gratitude to her.

In an exclusive clip, the Almost Famous star brings her four-year-old daughter, Rani Rose, to help plant the garden for Melissa. The little girl, wearing a sundress, is seen digging in the first as she tends to her lovely granma's garden.

The Scott brothers help bring Hudson's vision of Melissa's backyard to life. It took over six weeks to create an outdoor kitchen and fireplace with a low-maintenance retreat. There is also a bocce ball court and an updated casita that serves as an art space.

Kate Hudson with Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott
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In the episode, the audience will catch Hudson wearing the hat of the renovator, interior designer, and constructor as she breaks down walls, drills, hammers, and makes decisions regarding landscaping.

Moreover, Kate's little daughter joins her in planting in her grandma MuuMuu's backyard. The actress sings, "Me and Moo Moo are gonna plant some lettuce and parsley," with Rose pipping to vocalize lettuce and parsley.