Darcey clicked a picture with her mom at The Edge NYC in April 2022
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Darcey Porter-Cassidy is 14 years old actress born on November 30, 2008. Darcey parents are Hayley Porter-Cassidy and Darren Cassidy.

Darcey is an upcoming actress performing in films like Dodger and Extraordinary. Many people loved her work in Extraordinary. 

She has recently appeared in the film Rain Dogs alongside Emily Fairn and Alice Haig.

The actress's performances have earned her a growing fan base, and many are eager to see what projects she will take on. Thanks to her talent and dedication to her craft, Darcey is quickly becoming a rising star in the acting world.

Cassidy's performances have earned her a growing fan base, and many are eager to see what projects she will take on.

Darcey is a rising star in the acting world for a good reason. We're excited to see where her career takes her next.

Darcey Porter-Cassidy Age And Career

Darcey Porter-Cassidy is a 14-year-old actress born in London, United Kingdom. She celebrates her birthday on November 30 every year.

As she was fond of acting, she started Stagecoach at four. She was clear and determined that she wanted to pursue her career from the beginning of her acting classes.

Later, she moved to New York with her family and continued going to Stagecoach when she was 7.

When she was 11, she auditioned and successfully got into a full-time Professional Performing Arts School (PPAS) in the heart of the theatre district in Manhattan, near Times Square.

Darcey's enjoying her vacation in Ireland during her shoot
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Apart from acting, her hobby is dancing. She likes all forms but has a soft corner for Jazz and tap. She loves skiing in winter and sailing in summer.

She considers herself lucky as she has traveled to many places at a very young age and loves to explore new places with her family.

Despite her young age, Darcey has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Her role as Clarissa in the BBC drama series Dodger helped her establish herself as a talented young actress.

The actress has landed a role in the Hulu original series Extraordinary, where she plays Ange. It's inspiring to see such a young talent making a name for herself in the industry, and it'll be interesting to see where her career takes her in the future.

With her determination and talent, Darcey is one to watch in the coming years.

Darcey Parents Has Always Supported In Her Career

Darcey Porter-Cassidy parents are Hayley Porter-Cassidy and Darren Cassidy. Darcey shares a close bond with her family.

She has shared photos of her family on social media, demonstrating their beautiful bond and time spent together.

She and her mother are close and spend most of their together, traveling and watching movies and series. Like every parent, Darcey's mother is extremely protective of her and doesn't feel safe leaving her to anyone.

Darren shared a picture of his family on his Facebook and wished his wife on her birthday
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Darren Cassidy

Darcy Cassidy father Darren Cassidy is actively involved in the corporate sector. He is a citizen of Birmingham, United Kingdom. 

He worked in various sales and sales management roles in a reputed company named Xerox from 1990 to 2003. Then he was upgraded to Director and General Manager, where he worked for 3 years.

After that, he was promoted to VP of Global Managed Print Services, where he served for 4 years in that particular role.

Furthermore, Darren was appointed as the President of United States Channel Group, where his role was to Oversee the Growth of the US Channel Group by creating value for both the partners and their clients.

His vision supports Xerox's strategies to re-engineer the way the world works. He contributed his talent to make Xero a big company. After becoming president, he was again upgraded to Head of Global Supplies, where he worked for 2 long years.

And now, he is a Managing Director of UK/Ire and Senior Vice President of EMEA Enterprise and Global Account Operations at Xerox Company. 

Darcey's loving mother and father picture of their wedding
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Darren has worked for Xerox his whole life; he has made enough contributions to make the company this huge. He is ambitious towards his work, a great leader in leading a team, and highly professional in his career.

Not only that, he has created the best example as a father and husband as well. He supports his kid, help her explore her interest, and comfort her in every situation. The father and daughter are seen to be sharing a beautiful relationship. 

Hayley Porter-Cassidy

Darcey's mother Hayley Porter-Cassidy is originally from Woodstock, Oxfordshire. She is currently a resident of London, United Kingdom, with her family. 

Professionally, she is an owner and photographer at Hayley Porter Photography. She has completed her education in Photography. 

According to Darcy, her mother is very warm. She is there with her and binge-watch many movies and series. They were recently seen enjoying a holiday in Finland.

Darcey Porter-Cassidy in Rain Dogs

Darcey Porter-Cassidy was seen as Betsy in the upcoming BBC comedy drama Rain Dogs. She currently trains at Sylvia Young Theatre School.

Rain Dogs is a wild and punky story about a mother's love for her daughter, deep and passionate friendships, and brilliance disrupted by poverty and prejudice.

BBC comedy drama Rain Dogs ( Source : youtube )

It is a dark comedy with an anarchic attitude starring Daisy May Cooper as Costello Jones, Jack Farthing as Selby, Ronk Adékolujo as Gloria Duke, and Fleur Tashjian in her debut role as Iris Jones.

They are the four glorious Rain Dogs, a ragtag family fed on defiance and chaos and deep but complicated love.

In one recent interview, when asked about her role in Rain Dogs, she said," This is a smaller part, but I loved it. All the same, all I can say is I love Daisy May Cooper, and it was a pleasure to work with her. It will be a great project!"