Darren and Trippy will compete on this season's Dancing on Ice
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Darren Harriott partner Tippy Packard will appear with him on Dancing on Ice. Tippy Packard is a figure skater and choreographer.

The talented British stand-up comedian is from Oldbury, West Midlands. He was nominated for awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2017 and 2019. He moved to London to pursue a career in comedy and worked as a security guard to finance his early years.

He has toured the UK with his stand-up shows "Visceral" and "Good Heart Yute" and regularly performs at comedy clubs across the country. His stand-up shows were the basis for his BBC Radio 4 series "Darren Harriott's Black Label."

In 2023, he was a contestant on the fifteenth series of "Dancing on Ice."

Trippy Packard Is With Darren Harriott On Dancing On Ice

Darren Harriott partner is Trippy Packard on Dancing on Ice. Trippy Packard has appeared on Dancing on Ice for many seasons.

Tiffany Packard, also known as Tippy Packard, is a professional figure skater and choreographer. She has represented Hong Kong and the United States as a competitive figure skater.

She first gained attention in 2013 when she won her third Hong Kong Championship and began her career in show business with Happiness is... Snoopy.

After retiring from competitive skating, she continued her professional career as a show skater and toured over 40 countries with Royal Caribbean Ice Shows and CNE-Canadian National Exhibition.

Trippy is an figure skater and choreographer
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In 2018, Trippy was a part of ice skating history by joining the 75th Anniversary of Holiday on Ice, a famous touring ice show. In 2022, she was announced as a professional skater on the ITV skating series Dancing on Ice.

In her first season, she was paired with Olympic BMX racer Kye Whyte, a first-timer in the show. Packard and her companion Kye Whyte had a successful first year and were announced as semi-finalists for series 14.

It is worth mentioning that Packard is a three-time Hong Kong National Champion and Worlds Competitor, which showcases her skills and achievements as a competitive figure skater before transitioning into a professional show skater.

Darren and His Family Is From Oldbury

Darren Harriott was born to his parents Patrick Harriott and Paulette Harriott. Patrick and Paulette are natives of Oldbury.

Darren grew up in Oldbury with his mum and the rest of the family
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Darren grew up with his parents in Oldbury, a town near Birmingham in the West Midlands region of England. His father was a drug dealer and was imprisoned most of Harriott's childhood.

Sadly, his father passed away when Harriott was still a child. This tragic event might have affected Harriott's life and perspective, as he discussed his father's incarceration and passing away on Dave's Campaign Against Living Miserably.