David Anthony Higgins appeared in Big time Rush in 2009 ( Source : M )

David Anthony Higgins's estimated net worth is approximately $1.7 million. Most of his income is based on his acting profession.

Higgins is an American actor known for his television role in Malcolm in the Middle. The Lowa-born actor came into the limelight when he appeared as Craig Feldspar on Malcolm in the Middle. Additionally, he portrayed Reginald Bitters on Big Time Rush and Joe on Ellen. 

Anthony's role as Harry in Mike & Molly, the television series, is his most likable serial. David, 60, has been in the entertainment industry for more than 30 years earning 45 on-screen credits.

Higgins most recently appeared in the CBS comedy "B Positive" opposite Darryl Stephens and Annaleigh Ashford. Variety reported that in May 2022, the network canceled the show after two seasons on the air (per Looper).

He appeared in the CBS sitcom B Positive. The comedy actor David can do much more than just make people laugh. 

Some Quick Facts About David Anthony Higgins

Some Information About David Anthony Higgins

NameDavid Anthony Higgins
Date of BirthDecember 9, 1961
Birth PlaceDes Moines, Iowa, U.S.
ProfessionActor, producer, writer
WifeJulia (m. 2000)

Some FAQs

What Is David Anthony Higgins's Net Worth?

David Anthony Higgins's estimated net worth is $1.2 million. His net worth was recorded in Celebrity Net Worth. Being a comedy actor, he has a separate fan base. He is famous among audiences. Beside acting, he is a writer and a producer.

How Old Is David Anthony Higgins?

David Anthony Higgins is 60 years-old. He was born on December 9, 1961. His birthplce is Des Moines, Lowa, United States. He is one of the five children, including his brothers Steve and Alan.

Who Is David Anthony Higgins's Wife?

David Anthony Higgins's wife is Julia. The couple married in 2000. They have been living with their two children since 2000. The couple has spent 22 years together.

David Anthony Higgins' Net worth In 2022

David Anthony Higgins' estimated net worth in 2022 is $1.7 million. 

He has accumulated a good amount of money and a massive reputation as an actor. The actor has a long career in the film industry with honorable career earnings.

The actor has several hit movies and series throughout his career, so it is natural to have millions of net worth. In addition, he has a comfortable and lavish lifestyle with his family.

David Anthony Higgins appeared with Dave Foley, Jennifer Tilly and Joe Flaherty in The Wrong Guy (1997).
David Anthony Higgins appeared with Dave Foley, Jennifer Tilly and Joe Flaherty in The Wrong Guy (1997). ( Source : twitter )

The actor has gained massive fame from his acting role in Malcolm in the Middle (2000), The Wrong Guy (1997), and Mike & Molly (2010). In 1987, David Anthony Higgins made his acting debut in the supporting role in Hiding Out.

Higgins gained a co-starring role as Farrell in the 1990s ABC sitcom "Ellen" after several years of few film and television roles. Higgins was a regular on the program and appeared in almost all of its five seasons.

The actor got cast in Malcolm in the Middle after his break from The Army Show, lasting up to 13 episodes. Higgins maintained a consistent body of work, appearing in more than a dozen TV episodes and film shorts.

Additionally, he made several appearances in American Horror Story, Big Time Rush, and Mike & Molly. Variety reported that Higgins appeared in the CBS sitcom B Positive, which was canceled by the network in May 2022.

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David Anthony Higgins's Salary And Career Earnings

David Anthony Higgins's salary is massive and enough for living his life. However, the actor has kept his earnings private.

Anthony, the actor, is busy with his acting career and came through a long journey. As reported on Salary.com, the actor or performer in the United States has an average salary of $59,469 as of August 29, 2022.

Actor's salary ranges from $49,006 to $72,609. Different salaries vary depending on education, additional skills, years of experience, and certifications. Regarding David, he was part of the Children's Charity telethon, which raised over $3.5 million in 2013.

The Iowa-native actor took his time to participate in the talk show and helped launch his career in television. Further, he appeared in Ellen DeGeneres' talk show in the 2017 episode, including Joely Fisher and laura Deren.

David Anthony Higgins wanted to celebrate 20th anniversary of  Malcome in the Middle
David Anthony Higgins wanted to celebrate 20th anniversary of Malcome in the Middle ( Source : instagram )

In the initial days, he and his brother, Steve, performed in a comedy troupe, Don't Quit Your Day Job.  The actor chose his career in comedy acting and moved alongside comedy.

Higgins got his big break as the outspoken barista Joe in the sitcom Ellen in 1994. He co-wrote The Wrong Guy with Dave Foley and Jay Kogen, the creator of The Simpsons, and starred in it in 1997.

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David Anthony Higgins Wife Julia

David Anthony Higgins is married to his wife, Julia, and she has always supported him. The couple lives their happy life in Studio City, California.

The famous actor David married his wife in 2000 and promised to be by her side in every step of his life. The couple shares two children. Gabe Higgins (son) and Janie Higgins (daughter) are two lovely children of, David.

Unfortunately, he has not exposed anything about his wife. In the past few days, he has played the role of a lady. When he posted the photo on social media, his fans thought he was his wife. However, it became a prank for all.

David Anthony Higgins's look pranked his fans in 2021.
David Anthony Higgins's look pranked his fans in 2021. ( Source : facebook )

The couple is still together and sharing their happiness and sorrow. They prefer to keep their personal life with them. So, the actor has still not shared information relating to his life.

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David Anthony Higgins's Personal Life

Netizens are always interested in David Anthony Higgins's personal life.

David's life is directly connected with food. On exploring his Instagram account, he is a foodie person who loves to taste different varieties of food. Recently, he showed love for beef with green peas.

The foodie actor loves to eat food and explores new recipes. His love for meat is undefinable. Most of his posts are related to food and its recipes.

Further, the actor has a cute puppy with whom he plays whenever he gets bored. He visited some museums when he got free time from his work.

You can meet him on his social media platform as he is available on Instagram under the username @savidanthonyhiggins, with almost 13.4k followers. He is a nature lover and loves to explore new adventures and things.

David Anthony Higgins is  foodie actor.
David Anthony Higgins is foodie actor. ( Source : instagram )

The actor becomes happy in simple things. He feels grateful for watching hot air balloons in the sky. The social media platform is where he can share his personal life regarding his love for food, gossip, and exploring new things.

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David Anthony Higgins's Assests

Even though people are desperate to know David Anthony Higgins's assets.

Being a famous comedy actor, he might have owned his own house in the United State. The actor has a car of Ford Brand with a sticker of I love MILFS.

Since he is an aviation fan, he might have bought his plane. He usually posted photos of planes, cars, and other assets on his Instagram account.

David Anthony Higgins's love for jet plane
David Anthony Higgins's love for jet plane ( Source : instagram )

However, the actor has not shared any photos of his house and other properties. He has yet to disclose his properties. But the actor posted several photos of public buildings.

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