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British pop singer David Sylvian has made quite a sum in his decades in the industry, as his net worth crosses at least one million dollars.

Although he has crossed over to his sixties, his passion for music runs just as hot as he gets ready to grace the stage of BBC Radio 6 Music.

For fourteen years, he had kept his lips tight shut but decided to indulge in the Mary Anne Hobbs show to what gets dubbed as an audio diary. It took a bit of thought and quite a lot of convincing before he was confident that he could speak his truth.

He did not have a personal vendetta against that media or the show but felt it was the correct path at his juncture. 

Hobbs did not miss a beat before justifying his actions, claiming that silence held more power than power could ever conjure. But she remained thankful to the artist for opening up for the channel and sharing his buried thoughts. 

It does not matter if one is a committed fan or a first-time listener, as his fascinating way of speaking has a way of reeling you into his story and making you curious about his creative process.

Quick Info:

NameDavid Sylvian
BornFebruary 23, 1958
Age64 years
SpouseIngrid Chavez (m. 1992–2005)
ChildrenAmeera Sylvian, Isobel Sylvian

Some FAQs

Who influenced David Sylvian?

When Japan / David Sylvian emerged out of Catford, South London, in the mid-70s, they wore their glam rock influences (David Bowie, T. Rex, Roxy Music and the New York Dolls) loudly, with garish threads and make-up, even if sonically there was more than a whiff of funk about them.

What happened to the band Japan?

The band split in December 1982, just as they were beginning to experience commercial success in the UK and abroad.

Why did David Sylvian change his name?

A fan of the New York Dolls, Sylvian adopted his stage name from Sylvain Sylvain, while his brother took Jansen from David Johansen.

David Sylvian Net Worth, How Rich Is The English Musician And Singer?

As of 2022, the net worth of English musician and singer David Sylvian is over one million dollars, as he has accumulated all sorts of riches in his career. 

His profession got founded from his days in Japan band as they were a staple of the 70s. The members clashed about their public image and did not want to get regarded as romantics. 

Till 1981, the band had immense fanfare as they released five studio albums, going on tour numerous times. But the fights were getting too tough to overcome as they played their final concert the following year before disbanding forever.

It did not take long for him to dive into a solo career, with Sylvian releasing his initial collaborative effort with Ryuichi Sakamoto named Bamboo Music. His debut album Brilliant Trees followed two years later and became an overlength success. The critics applaued the works of Kenny Wheeler, Jon Hassell, and Holger Czukay, with former band members showing brief appearances. 

He was on an unshakeable path to victory, followed by an instrumental EP Alchemy, and the double album Gone to Earth. He changed the way music worked by recording songs with predominantly atmospheric ballads and one consisting almost entirely of ambient instrumental tracks.

David Sylvian Music channel on Youtube with 7.86K subscribers.
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The third album, Secrets of the Beehive, was his most well-received one, as it pushed him to announce his first solo tour, 1988's In Praise of Shamans. 

Ex-Japan bandmates, Jansen and Barbieri, joined the conquests with additional artists playing classical instruments. 

After a period of inactivity in the United States with his wife, he launched his independent label, Samadhi Sound.

The flexibility influenced him to release the album Blemish, where the lyrics hinted at the impending dissolution of his marriage. After another tour, he descended to the studio where he spent days and nights with keyboardist-vibraphonist Burnt Friedman to create Nine Horses, dropping the song Snow Borne Sorrow in 2005.

It was a few years of traditional avenues with elements of avant-garde jazz, pop, and folk before he took a step back from the public eye and solely focused on creating new music. 

He graced the stage of music festivals and released more monumental songs but refused to elaborate on the hidden meaning being their symbolisms.

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David Sylvian's Wife Ingrid Chavez And Married Life

English singer David Sylvian married his wife Ingrid Chavez between 1992 and 2005. 

According to rumors, they met at a recording session with Sakamoto in 1992. His future partner was a gifted singer and poet and had a solid bond with Prince. 

Being a recognized personality in the environment circle, she had also collaborated with Madonna, authoring her hit single Justify My Love. They were bound to meet as Chavez had been a fan of his work. She even sent in a tape of her credentials in hopes of catching his eye and collaborating professionally.

So when his song needed a female vocal, his thoughts returned to Ingrid as his heart was no longer his. 

It took him three months to leave his friends and family in London and relocate to Minnesota when they eventually said their vows. After having two girls, they moved to California, Napa Valley, where he exponentially progressed in his musicality.

Ingrid Chavez on her friendship with Prince and working with him as Paisley Park opened its doors
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Although he had his family, the sense of alienation in Minneapolis highlighted his isolated existence. He went to and from home and the studio as he did not have much social life.

In 1999, he even penned a jazz fusion to Eastern spiritual chants song, which spoke about this inner peace with his marriage and beliefs.

Sadly, the husband and wife pair were not meant to be, as he began to document their degenerating bond in his song. They rarely spoke about the divorce, but fans hint that it was her choice and he did not want to leave her.

But he said she cried after listening to his work, saying it was the best thing he had ever done.

Women have always played a significant role in his life, as people suspected him in a relationship with Yuka Fujii, a photographer, artist, and Karn's former girlfriend.

She was the one to introduce him to jazz and got credited for the design of artwork for his solo albums.

Indeed, she also helped him spiritually when she asked me to incorporate spiritual discipline into his mornings, changing him as a man.

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Who Is David Sylvian's Family- Did He Have Children?

David Sylvian comes from a British family as the father of two kids. He has two girls, Ameera and Isobel, who have blossomed into beautiful ladies. 

As a young child, he grew up in Lewisham, South London as the son of parents Bernard, a plasterer by trade, and his wife, Sheila. 

Although he had the comfort of two siblings, he never got to enjoy the innocence and luxury of childhood because of the mid-sixties Lewisham environment. 

Having no outlet, he looked for his older sister, who introduced him to Motown and soul records. He found himself turning to the old classic when he had turbulent emotions and found solace. 

Later, he enrolled in Catford Boys School and met his future bandmate, Anthony Michaelides. The boys hit it off and shared their love for music.

David Sylvian with one of his daughters.
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His dad understood that his kids were gravitating towards arts and gifted him a guitar for Christmas while the beloved youngest, Steve, got a drum kit. It was only natural for them to begin playing music together as they found their sound.

They joined hands with bassist Mick Karn, guitarist Rob Dean, and keyboardist Richard Barbieri and formed a band called Japan. Karn was the frontman but did not take their roles seriously as they were a bunch of kids finding shelter from the unforgiving world.

His birth name was David Alan Batt, but he found the idea of a stage name more attractive as he adopted the pseudo name from Sylvain Sylvain.

His younger brother took a similar route, taking Jansen from David Johansen.

The boys were ready to make their debut and christened themselves Japan in 1974 after signing a contract with Hansa.

In the beginning, they were trying to find their niche and were rather sloppy in contrast to their counterparts, David Bowie, T. Rex, and the New York Dolls. Over the years, the music got crisper and more elegant as they began drawing on the art rock stylings of Roxy Music.

The Hitchcock blonde persona of David enticed both males and females, as he had talent but could not force it. The tremendous desire to succeed put an immense weight on his shoulders as he wished to control everything from the music to the costumes. 

His band member rewarded much of the early success to his controlling tendencies, which were needed to not stray from their target.

But at heart, he did not adore the fame or the immense wealth as the people named him the reluctant pop star. 

In interviews, he was shy as he preferred silence and seldom mentioned the classic trashing hotel or the abundant girls. His enthusiasm was solely for Japan, the country, and the visual arts and literature.

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