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Declan Whaley portrays the role of Opal Lin in the series, The Lake, which is an upcoming series that features a man returning from abroad to bond with his biological daughter. 

Whaley has acted in many television series in his short career. Just at the age of 12, he has a bright future ahead of him. Let's take a look at the biography of the young actor.

The Lake Cast: What Is Declan Whaley Ethnicity?

The Lake's Declan Whaley is an American actor of White ethnicity. But by his looks, he seems to also have Asian ancestry. One of his parents must have Asian heritage.

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The child actor is recently cast as Opal Lin in the upcoming series, The Lake. The series is set to premiere on June 17, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video. It also stars Jordan Gavaris, Emily Roman, Julia Stiles, Madison Shamoun, and Terry Chen.

At his young age and with a short career, the child actor acted in many television roles. He has had small roles in the series such as Ten Days in the Valley, Rhett and Link's Buddy System, School of Rock, Alexa & Katie, Bizzardvark, Weird City, and more. He has also appeared in The Big Show Show.

Whaley is most prominently known for his role as David Simmons, the son of Matthew and Kristy Simmons in the police procedural tv series Criminal Minds: Beyond Border, and later in Criminal Minds.


Declan Whaley From The Lake Age Details

Declan Whaley is currently 12 years old. He was born in February 2010. 

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Whaley made his acting debut at the young age of just 6 years in the 2016 series, Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, as David Simmons. He reprised his role as David Simmons in the series Criminal Minds as well.

He gave his voice in the comedy video Lip Service: Proof that Baseball is a Kid's Game, which was released in 2015. He was dubbed as a Dodgers Batter in the short video where children voice-over Baseball videos.


Declan Whaley Parents Details

There is not much information about the parents of the child actor. They have no traces on the internet. They sure know how to keep outside of the limelight.

The official Instagram profile of the child actor, @declanwhaley contains more than 400 posts. He is seen in many of his projects and co-actors, but not one photo contains his biological parents in them.

Catch Declan Whaley and other actors in the upcoming series, The Lake which premieres on June 17, 2022, on Amazon Prime Video.