Dennis Prager, the radio talk show host, is a man who inspires others to bring about a positive change in society.
Dennis Prager, the radio talk show host, is a man who inspires others to bring about a positive change in society. ( Source : tunein )

Dennis Mark Prager is an American conservative radio talk show host and author, who co-founded PragerU, a website that produces five-minute films from a conservative American viewpoint, in 2009.

Beginning in 1969, Dennis Prager's early political efforts focused on Soviet Jews who couldn't leave the country. He progressively started to comment on politics more frequently as his opinions were often socially conservative.

He is a man who motivates others to effect constructive change in society. Prager is a radio talk show host, a best-selling author, a conservative activist, and a thinker.

Although he is well-known for hosting his talk show, many admirers prefer to see him as a moral compass that guides people in the right direction. His voice is powerful enough to cut through the noise and distinguish the good from the bad.

The host's extraordinary adventure, which started in his sophomore year, had a big impact on who he became as a person and helped him become the successful moral critic who wants to stop society from suffocating itself that he is now.

His achievements motivate many of his admirers and followers to pursue their aspirations. Dennis Prager has demonstrated that education would be useless if it were not applied to resolving society's most difficult issues.

Yes, he may not have aced his school exams, but he did exceptionally well on the life test. His charisma and sense of humor are influenced by his gift for public speaking and intense interest in religious and spiritual issues.

Dennis Prager's Religion: Is He Muslim, Christian Or Jewish?

Dennis Prager grew up in a modern orthodox Jewish household, following the Jewish religion. He is an influential speaker and is well-known for hosting his talk show; many of his admirers prefer to see him as a moral compass that guides people in the right direction.

A Jewish organization contacted him in 1969 while he was a student in England about going to the Soviet Union to conduct interviews with Jews about living there.

The speaker was in demand as a lecturer on Soviet Jewry's persecution when he returned the following year; he made enough money from talks to travel and visited over sixty countries. He was chosen to represent the student movement for Soviet Jewry at the national level.

He may very well have the calmest voice on radio despite having a tremendous passion for defending the West, the United States, and Judeo-Christian values.

Most importantly, he has a personal connection with many of his millions of listeners, which is why over 500 of them go to Israel with him every other year. Thousands have gone on his sold-out listener cruises with him every year for the past 25 years to places like Antarctica, West Africa, Vietnam, and the Panama Canal.

The weekly Happiness Hour, Ultimate Issues Hour, and Male-Female Hour are the only programs of their kind on American radio. In other words, people pay attention when Dennis Prager speaks.

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Dennis Prager's Ethnicity And Family

Dennis Prager was born in Brooklyn to his father, Max Prager, and her mother, Hilda Friedfeld Prager. He grew up along with his siblings, who included Kenneth Prager.

The speaker went to school in Brooklyn, New York, at the Yeshiva of Flatbush, where he made friends with Joseph Telushkin. He attended Brooklyn College, where he earned a degree in history and Middle Eastern Studies emphasis. 

He attended classes at the University of Leeds and the Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs throughout the years before leaving academia without earning a graduate degree.

Prager abandoned Modern Orthodoxy after finishing graduate school but stayed devout and engaged in many customary Jewish practices. Likewise, he has a Pepperdine University honorary doctorate in law.

He is fluent in Hebrew, English, French, and Russian. Kenneth Prager, his brother, is a professor of medicine at the Irving Medical Center of Columbia University. Joshua Prager, his nephew, was formerly a Wall Street Journal journalist. 

On October 18, 2021, Prager declared that he had been treated with ivermectin and a monoclonal antibody from Regeneron after testing positive for COVID-19 the week before.

He claimed he had taken hydroxychloroquine and zinc as a preventative measure "from the outset" and "hoped for natural immunity" from purposefully catching COVID-19. 

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Dennis Prager's Net Worth in 2022

As of September 2022, the well-known author and radio talk show personality Dennis Prager is expected to have a net worth of $12 million. The radio station where he hosts shows provides him with a sizable income.

Even though the media has not yet been informed of his pay, he also receives some cash through his YouTube channel.

The excellent writer has influenced many people politically, economically, and philosophically with his conservative viewpoint.

His career began while he was pursuing his studies in England. In 1969, a Jewish organization persuaded him to visit the Soviet Union to speak with Jews about their daily life. Upon his return, demand for him as a speaker on the repression of Soviet Jews grew.

He was chosen to represent the student movement for Soviet Jewry at the national level.

The book "the nine questions people ask about Judaism," written by Prager and Telushkin, was a success when released in 1975. Together with Telushkin, he served as the Brandeis-Bardin Institute's director from 1976 until 1983. In 1982, KABC in Los Angeles hired him to anchor a religious talk show that would subsequently become a daily talk show.

Since 1999, he has hosted a chat show on the KRLA in Los Angeles.

He currently has a sizable YouTube channel that receives more than 1 billion views annually.

Since 1993, he has also produced several movies, including For Goodness Sake (1993), For Goodness Sake 2 (1996), Israel in Time of Terror (2002), Baseball, Dennis & the French (2011), and No Safe Spaces (2019).

Some of his published works are:

  • Think a second time (1996)
  • Happiness is a serious problem(1999)
  • Still the Best Hope (2012)
  • The Rational Bible: Exodus(2018)
  • The Rational Bible: Genesis (2019)

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