Jeff Hamilton is the man behind some of the iconic NBA jackets that have been worn by the legends like Micheal Jordan and Kobe Bryant, to name a few. His jackets are not just pieces of clothing but canvases filled with art.

It is quite surprising that Jeff's client ranges from athletes to former president. His jackets are a symbol of excellence and also a dream of many people who wear one day. Jeff is proud of his creation and can be seen wearing some of them himself.

His designed jackets are mainly worn by celebrities and rich people. However, due to the immense popularity of his creation, many cheap knockoffs can be seen floating around the internet for sale.

Designed Jeff Hamilton Wikipedia & Bio 

Although Jeff is a very popular fashion designer, it is quite strange that he is still not featured on Wikipedia; however, he has a massive following on his Instagram of more than 3.6 million and goes by the handle name jeffhamilton.

Jeff was born in Morocco, but later moved to France to pursue math and physics when he was 10; however, he found love in fashion designing and decided to make a future on that. His love for fashion design landed in the United States.

He got an offer from NBA, which completely changed his life. In NBA, he got an opportunity to make leather jackets for Chicago Bulls and other teams. This boosted his fame to another level.

NBA Leather Jackets

There is no doubt that people have loved the iconic NBA jackets and many common people have also worn jackets similar to their favorite players. NBA jackets are not just to block cold but are for telling stories.

Jeff said in his interview that no one wears Rolex to look at the time, similarly, no one wears his jacket to feel warm in cold. He is trying to say that his jackets are more than just a piece of clothes.

NBA leather jackets can be seen filled with patches that are related to various team events, which is the pride of the teams. Thus, NBA players wear to show off their accomplishments.

Jeff Hamilton Net Worth

There is a lack of information regarding Jeff's wealth; however, it is estimated that Jeff's net worth is estimated to be more than $10 million. He garnered his wealth with the success of his jackets.

He has prepared jackets for many celebrities besides NBA players. As of now, he has designed jackets of Kevin Hart, Travis Scoot, and many others. He has high-profile clients.

It can be expected that in the future his wealth will surge because the popularity and accessibility of his jacket in the general public are increasing.