Cyrus Mistry and a co-passenger passed away  in a car crash on Sunday
Source : bbc

Cyrus Mistry and his family follow Zoroastrian religion with Indian roots. He is an Indian-born Irish businessman.

Mistry, the chairman of the Tata Group, sparked the headlines of every news article with his demise news of a car accident. His demise has quickened the conversation around road safety and stricter enforcement of laws.

Cyrus, 54, left behind his beloved family on Sunday after his car smashed into a divider on a highway from Gujrat to Mumbai City. BNN India pays tribute to the former Tata Sons chairman Cyrus Mistry on his sudden passed news in a road accident.

Narendra Modi, the PM of India, pays condolences to his friends and relatives.

Did Cyrus Mistry Follow Hindu Or Parsi Religion?

Cyrus Mistry and his family follow the Parsi religion, the ethnoreligious group of the Indian subcontinent adhering to Zoroastrianism.  His parents are Indian billionaires and construction magnates. Being the son of Pallonji and Pasty, he belongs to the Zoroastrian faith with Indian roots.

His mother is from Ireland and his Indian father migrated to Ireland and became Irish for a better life. Zoroastrians are those with Iranian religion, the world's oldest organized faith.

Likewise, his father, Cyrus's uncle, Shapoor Mistry, is also an Irish citizen and married to Behroze Sethna. Mistry, the former Tata Sons chairman, left behind his family after the car accident. 

His family performed the last rites as per Hindu customs in an electric crematorium at Worli in central Mumbai.

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Cyrus Mistry Family-What Is His Ethnicity ?

Though Cyrus Mistry's family belongs to India, his family is of Parsi ethnicity. He was born in Bombay on July 4, 1968. The Businessman is an Indian-born-Irish chairman of the Tata Group.

Talking about his family background, he is known for being the younger son of Pallonji Mistry, an Indian billionaire, and construction magnate. His Irish identity was from his mother, Patsy, an Irish woman. Recently, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has sorrowed his family with condolence and sympathy.

Since his family has been involved in business for over 100 years, he acquired the business mind from his family. His grandfather, Shapoorji, received a stake in Tata Sons. His family had the largest shares blocks in Tata Sons. 

He had an opportunity to engage in a prestigious college, Imperial College London, for his Bachelor of Engineering in civil engineering from the University of London in 1990. Furthermore, he studied at London Business School for his Masters's degree in 1996.

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Cyrus Mistry Net worth- What Does He Do?

Cyrus Mistry's net worth is estimated to be around $29 billion. 

He was one of the richest men in India. As reported in Lexology, his net worth was around $ 10 billion. The Economist ranked Cyrus as the most important industrialist in India and Britain in a 2013 article.

From 1990 to 2009, he served as the Director of Tata Power Co. Ltd until September 2006. He began his career by joining his family company, Shapoorji Pallonji & Co. Ltd as a director in 1991 and worked as the managing director of Shapoorji Pallonji & Company.

Moreover, Mistry was the chairman of Tata companies, such as Tata Teleservices, Indian Hotels, and Tata chemicals.

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