Diggy has evolved his hairstyle the years and has finally landed into long curly style
Diggy has evolved his hairstyle the years and has finally landed into long curly style( Source : instagram )

Diggy Simmons haircut has emerged from boyish curls to Signature fade with the Bevel blade. Diggy trusts Director's Cut Inc with his hair.

Born in New York to an African-American family, Diggy is a famous rapper, songwriter, and singer in the musical glitz. He holds American nationality.

The singer was born to his parents DJ Joseph Simmons and TV personality Justine Simmons. Diggy grew up alongside five siblings in Queens, New York.

Diggy plays Doug Edwards on Freeform's TV series Grown-ish. He is the winner of the BET Award for Young Stars Award 2012 and has been nominated for the Teen choice award.

Diggy Hair Transformation Throughout The Years

Diggy Simmons haircut is boyish curly hair and his famous hairstyle is Signature fade with the Bevel blade. Diggy has trusted Director's Cut Inc since 2012.

The musician usually has a short curly hairstyle, but he likes experimenting with his hair with linings and blade cuts. However, Diggy has never been caught up with highlighted or colored hairdos.

In an Interview with Teen Vogue, Diggy said, "I always want to stay true to my style everywhere I go; as long as I have a haircut and I’m comfortable, I’m ready."

His luscious black hair has grabbed the eyes of millions of fans. His nicely trimmed hair is a standard version of the Afro style.

The actor has been serving brand new looks in the newest TV series Grown-ish. As per his IMDB, he has appearances in a total of 61 episodes.

His character Doug the boyfriend of Chlöe Bailey is a catalyst to burn hot topics on the show. He went on from casting as a guest star to the series regular and eventually a prominent cast member.

Let's explore his hairstyles in the last few years:

Boyish Short Curls

In 2014, Diggy had boyish curls cut and lined up with a blade. His then freshly cut hair was posted on Director's cut page, supporting his performance for Fox 2 Detroit.

The following year also, he was seen flaunting his same hairstyle with Master Barber Sincere Gilles. This cut is evident in his various throwback pictures.

Diggy in his fresh iconic short curly hair for Fox 2 Detroit
Diggy in his fresh iconic short curly hair for Fox 2 Detroit ( Source : instagram )

This kind of hairstyle is a popular trend culture among African origin individuals. Moreover, this hairstyle has some feminine traits.

The frohawk allows curls to grow freely on top but gives your little boy the freedom not to worry about it.

In the mid-century, shorter hairstyles were still the norm for older European and American boys, although long hair for even older boys was not unknown.

Signature fade with the Bevel blade

Diggy changed his hairstyle in 2016 with a Signature fade with the Bevel blade cut. His new haircut was done with a sharp blade lining his side hair.

The directors cut shared an Instagram post captioned "Me and the Razor connect...". One Instagram user commented, "in need of a shape up badddd...  please and thank you lol."

The singer showed gratitude towards the grooming company, saying thank you Director's cut and adding to their new website.

Diggy flaunting his haircut by the Directors Cuts Inc in 2016
Diggy flaunting his haircut by the Directors Cuts Inc in 2016 ( Source : instagram )

His admirers have appreciated his smooth haircut in the last few years. This haircut has become more iconic than ever.

The 90s Nas haircut inspires this hairstyle. It goes with the Skin fade style, with the hair fading on both sides and cut in the middle partition of the hair.

96 Wave

Diggy in his 96 waves cut at Directors Cuts Inc in 2017
Diggy in his 96 waves cut at Directors Cuts Inc in 2017 ( Source : instagram )

The rapper gave himself a new haircut in 2019 with a 96 Wave cut. His short hair was groomed with a sharp cut on the left side.

A popular YouTube channel called Barber Style Directory has made a step-by-step video on Diggy's haircut tutorial.

The YouTuber makes a beard to line up the side head with a zero-level trimmer. Then he lines up his forehead with the same trimmer and finally goes the blade lining.

Boyish Long Curls

Diggy as Dough in the TV series Grown-ish
Diggy as Dough in the TV series Grown-ish ( Source : essence )

Diggy is mainly seen in short curls but also prefers long curls sometimes. He has flaunted long curls for the Freeform's grown-ish as a series regular.

With the curls back in fashion, the musician embraces his luscious locks and grows them long. This looks has best served in the TV series Grown-ish.

The eternal classic look reduced the size of the forehead and cheekbones in appearance. The growing out process can be complex, but managing and styling come in handy after it grows.

The historic haircut has made its way more evident since the 19th century. In the last 18th century, long hair ringlet curls for boys came into fashion.

Many late-nineteenth-century boys with ringlets are stored on HBC. A notable example is the younger Harrison boy in the year 1890.

Where Does Diggy Gets His Hair Cuts From?

Diggy gets his hair transformation from Director's Cut. In 2012, Director's cut started its official Instagram page with the first post of Diggy.

The musician has received immense support from the grooming company since his early career days. The page has been making sure to post him of his new releases and birthdays.

Director's cut is located in New York, United States. The grooming company has a website flooded with Diggy's newest hairstyles.

His all-time favorite barber is Master Barber Sincere Gilles of the Director's Cut Inc. His journey started as a hustle in the late 90s.

Sincere attended the New York Institute of Technology and studied graphic design and computer graphics for a year. His career then bounced to jobs including salesperson and cellphone customizer.

The barber has worked with A-listed actors in Hollywood, including Idris Elba, Michael K. Williams, and Anthony Mackie. He also works in TV and movies as a stylist.

He has some unique products listed in his kit such as anti-shine “Mister Mattifying Stick” worth $38 to drugstore brand Sea Breeze astringent.

Diggy Has Famous Sisters With Ravishing Hair

Diggy Simmons sisters Vanessa Simmons and Angela Simmons both have thick trendy shaggy hair. His other sister Victoria Anne Simmons prefers keeping her natural state.

The Simmons siblings serve fierce looks when it comes to hairdos and styles. Vanessa and Angela are professionally in the hairline business.

Vanessa and Angela both trust Yummy Hair Extensions for their hairdos and styles. The grooming company is based in Brooklyn, Newyork, and Dallas.

Venessa herself is a stylist and makeup artist. She is a hairstylist for Yummy Extensions and creative director for the Love Pastry.

The TV personality rose to fame between 2005 and 2009 after appearing in the MTV reality show Run's House.

Usually, Venessa has wavy hair, but she likes to make braids and add extensions to the wavy hairdo. She has a webpage dedicated to her hair extensions dos, some of which include raw Cambodian blonde, raw LAO wavy lace frontal, and HD Lace frontal-virgin body wave.

Vanessa and Angela are both involved in hair care lines
Vanessa and Angela are both involved in hair care lines ( Source : instagram )

Angela Simmons hair reflects much of what she is, ravishing and beautiful. She is the ambassador for CURLS' "Hair Under There" haircare system.

She partnered with CURLS with a bomb box including a Strengthen Me Moisture Mask, Detox Tea Cleanser,  Soothe & Cool Me Scalp Potion, BOMB Braid in Conditioner, and Protect Me Edge Styling Pomade.

According to Essence, her latest campaigns feature celebrity figures, including Janet Jackson and Beyoncé. She has even recreated famous looks of Beyonce from albums, including Dangerously in Love.