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Fans are searching for Marsau Scott and Kyra Coffey's baby as the speculation regarding their relationship spreads on the internet.

Marsau Scott is an American TV personality known for his appearance in Love and Marriage: Huntsville.

Besides working on the TV show, he is also a commercial general contractor who gained fame through the on-screen program.

He came to the show with his wife, LaTisha Scott, and the couple quickly became among the fan favorites.

Many people even follow the couple on the internet and are shocked by recent rumors about Marsau cheating on his wife.

The talks are quickly spreading to the point that people are even searching if the man shares any baby with the mistress, Kyra Coffey.

Do Marsau Scott And Kyra Coffey Have A Baby Together?

No, Marsau Scott and Kyra Coffey don't have a baby together as per the internet sources.

But there are rumors that the man has a child from an extramarital affair.

However, these talks seem to be limited to internet hoaxes as there are no further supporting facts to this claim.

Looking at the scenario of the speculated affair, it seems like people confused Marsau and Kyra about having a baby after the lady shared a photo with a child.

But that is her niece as she clearly mentioned on her Instagram post.

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Marsau Scott Cheating Allegations With Kyra Coffey And Hotel Room Picture Explored

The allegations of Marsau Scott cheating with Kyra Coffey began after a hotel room picture was leaked on the internet.

The picture showed the man's head from the back and many thought it was Marsau.

He has not been short of these cheating allegations in the past as he once was accused of cheating with 20 women.

However, Marsau firmly denied the claims and said that he would never think about cheating on his wife.

In light of these details, the recent talks of his extramarital affair are also fake as the man denied the picture being his.

So, considering the facts, the cheating allegations on Marsau Scott are thought to be false.

Meet Marsau Scott On Instagram

You can find Marsau Scott on Instagram under the username @marsau_s.

While his account is not yet verified, more than 69k people follow him on the photo-sharing platform.

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