Bambi Benson prominently rose to fame as she appeared on the reality TV shows
Bambi Benson prominently rose to fame as she appeared on the reality TV shows ( Source : distractify )

Bambi Benson was in the hot seat in 2014 due to the allegation of attacking castmate Erica Pinkett. However, she claimed that she didn't attack her but her sister Stephanie Nicole Harp did it. 

Benson who originally hails from Compton, California is a rapper, beauty entrepreneur, urban model, and video vixen. She had a guest appearance on Basketball Wives LA in 2012.

As a prospective love interest for Benzino, Bambi first appeared on the show as a guest star in the second season. However, the majority of their on-screen time was trimmed and later made available as bonus content on the show's website.

Later on, in 3rd season, Bambi joins the supporting cast as Lil Scrappy's new love interest. Early in the season, she had a miscarriage, and Scrappy tells his friend Erica about it.

Does Bambi Benson Have A Sister?

Yes, Bambi Benson has a sister Stephanie Nicole Harp. She made headlines in 2014 after she was recognized as the woman who sliced Erica with a razor blade during a nightclub fight. 

At the time, Benson claimed that Erica was the one who started the fight. She even got arrested for committing aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Bambi's sister Stephaine for attacking Erica in a nightclub
Bambi's sister Stephaine for attacking Erica in a nightclub( Source : realitywives )

Erica allegedly tossed a drink inside Atlanta's Taboo nightclub first, according to Bambi's sister. Additionally, Bambi claims that rumors that the scene was exceedingly bloody are false because her sister did not possess a razor blade.

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Meet Bambi Benson Family: Her Parent's Name 

Bambi Benson was born in 1986 to her mother, Cece Shaw, and father, Larry Benson. They have always stayed away from the limelight. She grew up with her family in California, USA. 

She hasn't shared much information about her personal life or childhood either. Bambi received her elementary and secondary schooling at a nearby school in California. 

Benson has been in the limelight for a while now, however, she has managed to keep her personal life far from the public's knowledge. 

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Bambi Benson Is An Urban Model, Video Vixen, And A Rapper 

Bambi Benson is a well-known rapper, beauty businesswoman, urban model, and video vixen. She has a dual degree in journalism and broadcasting.

Bambi Benson's family has always stayed away from the limelight
Bambi Benson's family has always stayed away from the limelight ( Source : celebrityinsider )

However, she started out in the entertainment business by enrolling in an acting class. Bambi was a vocalist before pursuing acting and modeling professions.

K Factory Productions and Bambi collaborated to release the debut single. During her time on reality television, she also made appearances as a video vixen in music videos for artists like 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and Jaimie Fox.


Who is Bambi Benson?

  • Bambi Benson is an urban model, video vixen, rapper, and beauty entrepreneur who originally hails from California. 

Does Bambi have a twin?

  • No, Bambi doesn't have a twin, but she does have a sister named Stephanie Nicole Harp. 

What is Bambi's net worth?

  • The estimated net worth of Bambi is $800 Thousand. 

How old is Bambi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?

  • As of 2022, Bambi from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is 36 years old.