One thing fans want to learn about Chloe Petts is who is her partner. scroll below to learn everything about her ongoing relationship status and dating life.

Chloe Petts is one of the well-known comedians who was also a nominee for a BBC Comedy Award. She was also a finalist in the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year Awards 2017. 

Followingly, Petts is also one of the co-founders of  The Lol Word. It is a queer comedy collective that organizes sold-out monthly London events with some of the best female and non-binary queer comedians on the circuit. 

During her career span, Petts has been on ITV's Jonathan Ross' Comedy Club, Dave's Hypothetical, BBC Five Live's Fighting Talk, Channel 4's Random Acts, and BBC 3 Quickies.

 Does Comedian Chloe Petts Have A Partner/Husband?

Social media shows that comedian Chloe Petts is unmarried in real life. Whereas in her reel life, Petts has portrayed many roles as a married lady with a controlling husband.

Chloe is quite low-key when it comes to sharing her personal life details on social media. More precisely, she likes to keep her romantic encounters far from people's knowledge. 

As of now, it seems like she is currently single and is pursuing her career. As she is active on social media, her fans will find out if she reveals anything about her dating life. 

Chloe Petts' Sexuality: Is She Transgender?

Chloe Petts identifies herself as a gay woman. Meanwhile, as being from LGBTQIA+, she supports transgender people and has taken a stand on the show several times. 

On one of her shows, she said that she believes 'white man' is not permitted to be a genre, but 'gay' can. Petts further said when there are four straight white comedians, no one says anything. 

However, when there are four performers from LGBTQIA+, people start to ask if it is a special night. Based on her sexuality, people always expect a specific type of raunchy comedy based only on Peart's sexuality.

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Meet Chloe Petts, House Of Games Contestant

Chloe Petts is one of the contestants in House Of Games Civil Servant. Reportedly, she is also the first runner-up of the show. 

Over the years, she has become one of the established most interesting new performers on the circuit. People admire her inexhaustibly witty intellect and compelling presence.

Meanwhile, the firmament rising star comedian, Chloe, hasn't made that much of television appearances. Apart from that, she was a part of Ed Gamble's Electric UK Tour in 2022.

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