Jeopardy champion Mattea Roach has a cool nose ring to better garnish her already glorious looks and charm. Find more about the skillful contestant.

Mattea Roach is a name well known to Jeopardy show fans.

The viewers adore her bold and natural personality free of fake attitude and never swaying towards over-pride.

Mattea Roach recently made the spotlight after winning her 17th straight game in the Jeopardy show.

She is now only close to taking home her $400000 in total winnings.

The Toronto-based player has also been praised for the beautiful nose piercing that is recently showering her with a brand new look. 

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Does Jeopardy Champion Mattea Roach Have A Nose Ring?

Jeopardy champion and record maker Mattea Roach flaunts an impressive nose ring.

Her piercing has been well received and cherished by all her fans, for the subtle new shade it provided to the winner's personality.

Mattea Roach has been making history in the Jeopardy show.

The 23-year-old winner won the grand prize of being in the Tournament of Champion, the best of the best competition.

Similarly, she is in the 8th position on the Jeopardy show list in terms of total consecutive games won.

Mattea also secured 10th position in the list of total non-tournament cash winnings.

While fans are eagerly waiting for the feasible Amy Scheider versus Mattea Roach head to head in the Tournament of Champions, the actual tie-sheet will be later provided.

Mattea identifies as a lesbian and she has updated it in her Twitter bio as well.

She recently shared about the game face that she makes and told everyone that she had the same style ever since she was a kid, posting a photograph of her in a Spelling Bee competition.

Fans Wonder Why Mattea Roach Looks Different in Recent Episode

Mattea Roach looks different in recent episodes of the Jeopardy game show as she has a small nose ring.

The piercing provided her with a brand new look and she seems to like having a different face now.

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Mattea is culminating a big win as a grand reward after successfully winning her 17th consecutive game.

Jeopardy Champion Mattea Roach's Face Changes Explained

Fans have noticed a quick change in Mattea Roach's face as she used to appear different in previous episodes.

They were quick to notice that this was due to her new nose piercing or nose ring that imparted the new flourished look on her.