Anat Shenker is married to Donaldo Osorio
Anat Shenker is married to Donaldo Osorio( Source : heroesnarrative )

Donaldo Osorio is the husband of Anat Shenker-Osorio. Anat is a communications consultant, researcher, and author.

Donald was a treasurer for the local soccer team when he met Anat, working for the peace corps in San Juancito. Now, he owns a workshop, where he enjoys making new and unique wood carvings and other furniture.

Many are curious about who the husband of Anat Shenker-Osorio is. So, let's dive into it to know more about Donaldo Osorio and who he is.

Who Is Donaldo Osorio? Anat Shenker-Osorio Husband Wiki

Anat Shenker-Osorio's husband Donald Osorio was the financial officer for the soccer group in San Juancito. 

Osorio, one of seven kids who shared a room, had taken woodcarving classes at school. He also sought knowledge of wood carving from his uncle.

When Anat started working with a woman in San Juancito, renovated an abandoned transport truck into a (permanent) restaurant, and established a women's papermaking enterprise, they were introduced to one another.

Not long after that, their meet up frequented. He was a local of Honduras, while Anat had made a stay for work in Honduras. They explored the place, enjoying each other's company, and made long trips to discover the waterfall as a date.

But the problem in their blissful relationship was how to make it work when Anat was adamant not to stay in San Juancito. So, the only solution left was for Osorio to up and leave with Anat, and they proceeded with it. Osorio was ready to go with Anat on a fiance visa for their future, confirming their marriage plan.

So, the couple got engaged before they left Honduras in 2002 with Osorio's fiance visa. They celebrated their wedding and tied the knot on 24th March of the same year. They immediately secured the knot after ten days of his arrival.

But it was not as easy for Donaldo in America as it had been to leave his hometown. The lack of knowledge about the dominant language in America left him in a difficult position. So, he taught himself English to be settled and have more accessible communication in and out of his life in the States.

He also had a hard time finding jobs related to wood carving, so he worked in a canning factory and washed dishes to pull his share of financial weight in their marriage. Though his Hispanic origin led to people being judgemental and insolent, he never let those comments deter him from hard work and continued his battle without complaint.

Now he owns his workshop in San Francisco Bay Area, where he creates everything from full kitchen remodels to unique furnishings.

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Donaldo Osorio: Anat Shenker-Osorio Husband's Age

Anat Shenker-Osorio's husband, Donald Osorio, is 43 years old. There is just a year age difference between Osorio and Anat.

He was born on May 31, 1979, in his hometown San Francisco.

The nearly identical age range makes him and his wife have an understanding relationship. They both have successfully turned their love story into a fairytale despite other hurdles in their initial stage. They have been married to each other for two decades, and moments of this beautiful couple are shared by his wife Anat on her Twitter Handle.

Donaldo Osorio Kids With Wife Anat

Donaldo Osorio with his family
Donaldo Osorio with his family( Source : sfgate )

Donaldo Osorio and his wife Anat Shenker-Osorio are the parents of the two lovely sons. The names of the kids are Shai Osorio and Diego Osorio.

Donaldo is still not present on any social media platforms, and the little information about him is through his wife, Anat.

She rarely mentions her family on social media like Twitter but has shared stories about Donaldo and their kids. She has given us insights into her married life with Osorio and their kids. The information is hard to extract about their kids, but they are adorable and mischievous, according to Anat's tweets.

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