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Donshea Hopkins has a net worth of $300 thousand. Donshea Hopkins makes her money from her career as an actress and singer.

Donshea has been on television since she was four years old. However, many people know her as Raina from Power. She is now 20 years old and is already more successful than many people of her age.

She has over 232k followers on Instagram, and many people wonder how much she has made and how she makes her money. 

Donshea Hopkins Net Worth

Donshea Hopkins has a net worth of $300 thousand. Donshea has a career from her profession as a model, actor, and singer. 

As per IMDB, she has appeared in several television shows, including Power, Nurse Jackie, Law & Order SVU, Sesame Street, The Bobby Brown Story, and The Detour. Besides that, she also appeared in sketches on David Letterman and an interview segment with Alyson Hannigan and Carson Daly on MTV's TRL. 

She got her big break from her role in Power. She shared during an interview with Millbuzz that the character Raina became one of the most recognizable faces in the world, and she would always be grateful for it. 

Donshea with the cast of Power Book II: Ghost
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Besides acting, she also does singing; that journey began when she was six. She received her first real guitar then and started taking vocal lessons. From then on, she also started to write songs. 

When she was ten, she took it seriously and rewrote the previous songs. At 12, she recorded songs for her debut EP, 3Point2; that is how her singing career started. 

Donshea received her driver's license and car in October, 2021
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While her mom manages her career, her money is spent by her on bringing things she likes to purchase. She made a famous trending reel on Ariana Grande's famous song, & Rings, while giving a context about her parents asking what happened to her money. The song reads, "I see it, I want it, I got it."

Besides making money, she also believes in giving back. She is involved in charity work and even donates to abortion funds. 

Ways Donshea Makes Her Income


At the young age of four, Donshea started her professional acting career. She shared her story in an interview about how she used to point to Tv and tell her mother that she wanted to do it when she was not even a year old. 

Donshea at Urban World Film Fest in 2019
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Her mother realized that she had that talent but did not think much about it until she was four. Since the age of four, she has been in some of the most popular television programs, such as Power, Nurse Jackie, Law & Order SVU, Sesame Street, The Detour, "What Would You Do?" and Team Umizoomi.


She does modeling as well. She has appeared on the covers of several fashion and kids magazines, including Fashion gxd magazine, Full Blossom Kids, Industry Rules and XS10 Magazine. 

Donshea appears in the cover of Industry Rules in 2018
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Donshea has a Youtube channel where she has 1.97k followers. Her first video appeared eight years ago, and there have been no uploads since last year. She usually uploaded vlogs on the channel, recording her daily life routine. 

She would make videos about the things she likes or hates, her experience of going to the gym for the first time, her day at work, and reviews of cosmetic products, 


Donshea likes to sing besides acting. She even released her own songs many years ago. Her first song, It Was All A Dream, has 41k views on Youtube. Likewise, her next song is named Not Like Them, which has 26k views. 

Donshea organized a concert with a purpose of donations
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Then, she released Can't Tell Me Nothing on her channel with 5.1k views. She has released her songs but has not worked professionally with a record company.