Dorothy and Ezra donned in Monse Maison as photgraphed by Martin Romero.
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Dorothy Wang and Ezra J William are both socialites known for their lavish lifestyles. Wang debuted in Bling Empire in May 2022. 

Dorothy, born on January 27, 1988, is the daughter of Roger and Vivine Wang. Roger Wang is the founder and head of the conglomerate Golden Eagle International Group, with a net worth of $3.5 billion.

Wang made her first reality TV appearance in E's Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and went on to star in all of its four seasons. 

Meanwhile, Ezra was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, on September 7, 1989. Williams' father is an Indonesian Real Estate Mogul. He grew up in several cosmopolitan cities like Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Singapore. 

Ezra has also been part of a reality show named Rich Kids on Instagram and is often seen hanging out with elite New Yorkers. 

Dorothy Wang And Ezra J Williams And Their Friendship

Dorothy Wang and Ezra J Williams met each other back in 2011, and they have remained best friends ever since. Ezra and Dorothy love twinning their outfits.

As per Ezra himself, their friendship has been blooming since the day they met each other. He has described their relationship as being friends, sisters, roommates, and even partners in crime. Ezra and Dorothy both are frequently seen jet-setting across the world.

In 2016, the besties duo attended New York Fashion Week: The Shows at The Arc, Skylight at Moynihan Station.

Whether it be on the reality shows they have been featured on or their Instagram, they have documented their fashionable escapades across New York City, which is oddly reminiscent of Blair Waldorf and Serena van der Woodsen. 

Wang and Dorothy kicked off Pride Week in 2022 by attending the Fire Island movie premiere.
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In August 2020, Wang shared an adorable picture with Ezra and said that she was missing him since she lived in LA and he lived in NY during that time. 

To commemorate Ezra's birthday in 2021, Wang took to her Instagram to post a photo of them together and wishes Ezra. She described Ezra as the most magical and purest spirit in the captions. 

And on April 2021, Wang took to her Instagram to upload a photo of twinning in matching fits. Similarly, on Jan 30, 2022, Ezra shared a photo of them celebrating Wang's birthday weekend. 

Ezra and Dorothy at the Prabal Gurung show at Spring Studios in February of 2022.
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Ezra took to his Instagram to show appreciation for his best friend Dorothy with a photo from a Prabal Gurung Show, and he chimed in that she feels like sunshine. 

Ezra J Williams and Dorothy Net Worth

Ezra Williams and Dorothy Wang have a net worth of $5 million and $10 million respectively. 


Ezra owns a four-story townhouse in West Village, which his father generously funded. Ezra moved to New York to attend New York University(NYU) after living in Los Angeles for three years. He had revealed that he has always wanted to live in New York City, even before he moved there. 

Ezra William posing for The Observer in his West Village townhouse.
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The Observer has described his living room as decorated with Fendi with the added touch of framed pictures of him and Nicky Hilton. 

Similarly, Wang moved to the Big Apple as well from the City of Angels. She showed off her new residence in an Instagram post in April 2022, where she hosted a housewarming party with a guest list that included the likes of Prabal Gurung, Tina Chen Craig, and none other than Ezra himself. 

Dorothy at her house warming party with Tina Chen Craig.
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Her new home in New York is a luxury Chelsea loft in lower Manhattan. According to The Sun's report, her home was 7.7 million dollars. 

For her housewarming party, flowers were provided by the Poshan Flowers in New York, and the guests dined in scrumptious flavors from IL Brigante. 

Ezra's Business Ventures and Shows

Both of them have starred in Reality TV shows. Back in 2016, Ezra starred in a shower called Rich Kids of Instagram. The show 'Rich Kids of Instagram delved into the lives of affluent teenagers showcasing their extravagant lifestyles on social media.

Each episode followed these individuals as they indulged in luxury shopping, jet-setting to exotic locations, being driven in high-end vehicles, and indulging in lavish pampering experiences.

Wiliam is also a Restaurateur, he is one co-owners of a New York-based restaurant Wayan. Talking to the glimpse guide, Ezra revealed that he has always wanted to tell Indonesian culture to New York.

Ezra is a co-owner of restaurant Wayan in Nolita, Manhattan.
Source : nycgo

After he graduated from NYU in 2017, he sat down with his business partners, Cedric and Ochi Vongerichten, which led to the birth of Wayan. 

Wayan nestles in the streets of Nolita in Manhattan. The restaurant offers a blend of Indonesian cuisine with a modern French twist in a sleek and stylish space that features teak paneling, lush plants, and whitewashed brick.

 The menu at Wayan is unique and varied, featuring a combination of seasonal ingredients and savory Southeast Asian flavors. The restaurant's showpiece bar serves up innovative cocktails that highlight elements inspired by the region.

To celebrate the first anniversary of Wayan,  Ezra William hosted a cocktail party with a tropical Indonesian theme set in the heart of downtown. Guests were treated to signature cocktails such as Tequila Casa Dragones on the rocks and a special drink created for the occasion, "Yas Queen." 

Phillip Lim (left), Ezra William ( second to left), Laura Kim (centre), Prabal Gurung (second to right), and Tina Leung( right) are the founders of House of Slay.
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Apart from Wayan, Ezra is also one of the founders of the House of Slay. 

HOUSE OF SLAY is a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals from diverse backgrounds, identities, and experiences are given a platform to be seen, heard, and validated. It is a space that prioritizes the representation and empowerment of underrepresented voices.

The first manifestation of this initiative was a digital comic series which is available TAPAS platform. This comic series features a representation of heroic characters from diverse backgrounds who tackle critical social issues such as racism and hatred, not only within the AAPI community but also among other marginalized groups. 

Dorothy's Shows and Business Ventures 

Dorothy's first reality TV show was E!'s Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, where Dorothy was regularly featured. It ran between 2014 and 2016 and delved into the lives of young adults from wealthy families. 

Dorothy at the premiere of Bling Empire New York in January 2023.
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After that, she went on to star in a show by E! again, named Famously single, which documented the lives of eight celebrities as they attempted to find love. 

And in May of 2022, Dorothy gained popularity for starring in the Netflix show Bling Empire. Dorothy has gone on to star in its spin-off series Bling Empire New York. 

A group of fashionable Asian American individuals with affluent lifestyles is featured in Bling Empire New York, showcasing their extravagant manner of living and fashion choices while navigating the social scene in New York City.

The series promises to bring drama and a glimpse into their opulent way of life.

Dorothy also owns a champagne brand named  Rich and Bubbly.
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Dorothy also has several businesses under her name; she owns a champagne brand named Rich And Bubbly, along with a Jewellery line called Necklaces by Dorothy Wang. Paris Hilton was also seen flaunting her Dorothy Wang Necklace. 

Apart from this, she also has a website where she shares her traveling guides; so far, the website has places like Shangai,  Miami, Amsterdam, Tokyo, Aspen, and Capri. 

Dorothy And Ezra's Luxury Collection

Ezra gave a tour of his closet to the Observer in 2017, where he described his fashion as heavily inspired by 90's fashion. In his closet tour, he showed off his sequin disco-ball-Esque Margiela boots and bedazzled jackets.

Ezra's disco ball inspired sequined Margiela boots.
Source : observer

Ezra also revealed that he is obsessed with everything, including Chewbacca-Esque slippers. He has also been collecting Birkins. His shoe and handbag collection alone is estimated to be worth  $740,000.

In April 2022, Dorothy gave a sneak peek of her closet makeover in her NYC home. Her closet was filled with a lot of luxury brands. Her wardrobe was impeccably organized, with her shoes categorized by heels, boots, and sneakers. 

Dorothy Wang showing off her Hermès collection in Rich Kids of Beverly Hills.
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She had separate rooms for the coats, and all her t-shirts were neatly folded into the drawers. The highlight of her collection has been her handbag collection, including numerous Birkins. 

Wang revealed to Pursebop that she had been fortunate because she was offered not only one but two Kellys (bags). Like Birkins, Kellys cannot be purchased by going into a Hermès store; they have to be offered by the sales associate after the client can build a successful clientele with the brand. 

Dorothy's favorite Birkin is a navy cargo Birkin 25, which she keeps in her home.