Dylan is a young actor who is just 15 years old currently
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Dylan Schombing's parents, Jason and Megan Schombing, have positively influenced his acting career.

Young actor Dylan is just 15 years old and has already appeared in various movies and series. Schombing was just seven years old when he first started acting.

Some teen actor's film credits are Mighty Express, Watchmen, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce, The Slap, and Sharp Objects. Dyan began his acting career through the film Pompeii in 2014.

After appearing in Pompeii, Schombing played Hugo in Warcraft two years later. The movie was based on a series of video games of the same name. And since then, Dylan has found various roles in the film.

In this article, their family life of Dylan will be explored, including that of his father, Jason Schombing, who is also an actor.

Some Quick Facts About Dylan Schombing

NameDylan Schombing
ParentsMegan and Jason Schombing

Dylan Schombing Parents Influenced His Acting Career In A Good Way

Dylan Schombing was born to his supportive parents, Megan and Jason Schombling, in 2007. 

Dylan's parents have always supported him in pursuing a career in acting. Schombing was just seven years old when he appeared in a movie.

Not much of his mother's profession is known, but his father, Jason, is also an actor and has sometimes voiced movies. His father is 59 years old and renowned for his work in the early nineties.

Dylan with Kit Harrington who he has also worked with
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Jason gained recognition after 1990; he started appearing on X files and several other crime shows. Since then, he has appeared in various films and television shows, including The Godfather: The Game, in which he played Marty Malone.

Having a dad who has already worked in the showbiz industry has helped Dylan. Jason and Dylan seem to be close, and Jason doesn't hesitate to give wise advice to his son.

Dylan Schombing Is Starring In Apple Tv+ Series Circuit Breakers

Dylan Schombing is on the cast list of the Apple TV+ series Circuit Breakers. However, Dyan is not a regular on the sci-fi series. As per IMDB, Schombing appears in one episode of the series.

The young actor plays the role of Micah. Like Dylan, the majority cast of the Circuit Breakers is young but talented actors. The trailer for the Apple TV+ series is getting a good response.

Apple TV+ unveils trailer for sci-fi anthology series
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The show is based on a futuristic anthology that addresses children's challenges through a sci-fi lens. But not everything is as it appears, and their curiosity causes havoc.

Circuit Breakers is a half-hour anthology series set shortly about middle-schoolers who utilize science fiction as a backdrop to portray universal stories about growing up." Circuit Breakers is expected to release on Apple TV+ on November 11, 2022.

Some Interesting Facts About Dylan Schombing

Image Of Dylan from the movie Slap
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  1. Dylan is new to Instagram. He is available under the username @dylanschombing. With over 34 posts, Dylan has over 1k followers as of now.
  2. Schombing portrays Topher Abar in HBO's Watchmen. In the series, Topher Abar is the adopted son of Angela and Cal Abar.
  3. Dyan has been active on Instagram since 2019. It is unclear if Dylan uses his account or if it is parent protected.
  4. On the TV series Gigantosauras, Schombling plays the role of Rocky.

Some FAQs

Is Dylan Schombing On Watchmen?

Schombing portrays Topher Abar in HBO's Watchmen. In the series, Topher Abar is the adopted son of Angela and Cal Abar.

Is Dylan Schombing Available On Instagram?

Dylan is new to Instagram. He is available under the username @dylanschombing. With over 34 posts, Dylan has over 1k followers as of now.

Who Are Dylan Schombing's Parents?

Dylan Schombing was born in 2007 to supportive parents Megan and Jason Schombling.