Eddy and his girlfriend, Chrissy, are having wonderful time in Animal Kingdom.
Eddy and his girlfriend, Chrissy, are having wonderful time in Animal Kingdom.( Source : instagram )

Eddy Burback and his beautiful girlfriend Chrissy Tiber have been together for quite a while now.

Burback is a well-known American comedian, commentary YouTuber, and Twitch streamer from Illinois, United States. He primarily covers 90s films and commercials and pop culture on his main channel.

He created his YouTube channel in June 2011 with his childhood friend Zach under the name ZADstudios at the time. Eddy also had a Twitch channel zadgames and an ifunny account under the same name. At some point in 2016, he renamed his channel to Eddy Burback.

Initially, he uploaded sketch comedy and later became focused on such content focusing on the comedic commentary of popular culture and film. As of November 23, 2022, he has already gained over 1.25 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

In September 2017, he began a podcast called "Ok I'll Talk" with his friend YouTuber Gus Johnson. The podcast later became the Gus & Eddy podcast, Eddy's second YouTube channel when the duo moved to Los Angeles, California, in 2018.

Meet Eddy Burback's Girlfriend Chrissy Tiber

Comedian and YouTuber Eddy Burback is dating his beautiful girlfriend, Chrissy Tiber, commonly known as Critchy.

Chrissy is a developing web-based influencer who is engaging her fans on every social stage. She started off her career by lip-syncing and doing other entertaining activities in TikTok. She also makes different classifications of recordings.

She is active on Instagram under the username @chribbleys. With 102 posts, the social media influencer enjoys an impressive fan base of over 131k followers. She began her vocation as a TikToker and has now garnered appreciable followership on the platform.

Chrissy Tiber aka Critchy is a social media influencer.
Chrissy Tiber aka Critchy is a social media influencer. ( Source : instagram )

Chrissy presents herself as the character of chuckling. Moreover, the influencer is planning for a demonstrating profession. Many people may recognize the young star as a member of Boomer Island, an island dedicated to living in an environment free from technology.

Away from the Industrial District, machines are restricted, and traditional building methods and tools are relied upon. Their main way of transport is by boat as they're on an island surrounded by water. 

Chrissy is notable for having trouble lying about who drained the balls at the tower's competitor. She had to mute her mic so that she could reveal the truth of her participation without anyone on the server actually listening.

Eddy Burback And Chrissy Tiber Relationship Timeline

Comedian Eddy Burback often features his beautiful partner, Chrissy Tiber, on his Instagram handle under @eddyburback.

The love birds have already been together for more than two years, and are just as adorable as they were when they first started dating. With occasional loving snaps of the pair popping on their IG, fans are delighted to witness their love and adoration.

Eddy And Chrissy In 2020

Remember when YouTuber Eddy went public about his relationship? He posted a joyous picture of himself with Chrissy in a park attraction that he said was photographed prior to the shutdown.

The picture came on July 17, 2020, with a tweet: "It's national My Girlfriend’s Birthday Day everyone wishes my girlfriend a happy birthday that’s the national holiday you legally have to do it." He also marked that the picture was taken before the quarantine.

Eddy and Chrissy having a fun ride.
Eddy and Chrissy having a fun ride. ( Source : twitter )

Eddy's Funny Tweet On Chrissy's 2021 Birthday

On June 18, 2021, Eddy shared several beautiful pictures of himself with his gorgeous girlfriend, Chrissy, and marked her birthday. In the tweet, the comedian expressed how much he loves her in his own funny style.

It wrote in a tweet, "It's @ChrissyTiber's birthday today!!! You are legally obligated to say happy birthday to her or I will punch you so hard you explode." Fans were quick to respond to the hilarious post and wished the influencer the happiest birthday.

Happy Birthday Chrissy!
Happy Birthday Chrissy! ( Source : twitter )

Eddy And Chrissy Visited Animal Kingdom

Most recently, Eddy and Chrissy had great fun visiting Disney's Animal Kingdom. The zoological theme part is located at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida, near Orlando.

The Walt Disney Company owns and operates the theme park through its Parks, Experiences, and Products division. It is also the world's largest theme park, covering 580 acres (230 ha). It was opened on Earth Day on April 22, 1998.

Disney's Animal Kingdom.
Disney's Animal Kingdom. ( Source : instagram )

On June 5, 2022, Eddy took to his Instagram to share several joyous pictures from their fun day and captioned the post, "my favorite kingdom." The pair looked delighted as they clicked holding each other in the Animal Kingdom.

They Often Stream Together

Eddy and Chrissy are often seen streaming together. They are even called Twitch's power call by many of their followers. They love spending time with each other and creating interesting and fun content for their audience.

Chicago, Illinois native Eddy grew up with his two siblings, including his twin brother Tony. His early ifunny account, YouTube channel, and Twitch channel were in collaboration with his friend Zach. 

Chrissy and Eddy are reacting to videos.
Chrissy and Eddy are reacting to videos. ( Source : twitter )

Later, Eddy focused more on his solo content. After collaborating extensively with fellow Gus Johnson in college, the duo moved to LA in the summer of 2019 and continued to work together. In 2020, he started streaming video games on Twitch and has over 125k subscribers.

Friday Night Party Stream

On March 13, 2021, Eddy shared loving snaps from their stream on his Twitter account which goes by the username @eddyburback

The comedian was streaming with Chrissy, Tony, and Eric when he clicked some loving photographs with his girlfriend. Eddy often updates his stream through his other social media account and does not hesitate to share cute pictures of his partner.

FRIDAY NIGHT PARTY STREAM!! ( Source : twitter )