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Eduardo Franco, who played Argyle in "Stranger Things," is of Mexican-American descent. The series's seasons through 3 and Season 4, Vol.1 are streaming on Netflix, while Season 4, Vol.2 will be released on July 1, 2022.

Every season, "Stranger Things" introduces a new character to the group. Max and Murray were introduced in Season 2, and Robin and Erica were added in Season 3. Season 4 features a number of new characters, the most notable of whom are Eddie and Argyle. Argyle, played by Eduardo Franco, is a character in the "Stranger Things" cast's newly established California section.

Eduardo Franco first appeared in an episode of "The Skinny" and "You Are the Worst" in 2016. He starred as Stu in Disney's "Gamer's Guide to Pretty Much Everything" from 2015 to 2017 and as Gavis in Tru TV's "Adam Ruins Everything" from 2015 to 2017.

Franco's other film credits include "Good Game," "Idiositter," "The Binge," "Superintelligence," and "We Broke Up," but he is most recognized for his appearances in two Netflix original series. He played Spencer Diaz in the hit series "American Vandal" for the first season. He also played Jeremy in the film "The Package."

He shines out this season, providing some much-needed comedic relief in the new episodes, which are the darkest ever for the Netflix series, much like Argyle did on "Stranger Things." Let's hope we get to see more of Franco's upbeat persona in the final season.

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Learn About Eduardo Franco Ethnicity and Race

Eduardo Franco was born to Mexican parents in Yuma, Arizona, in the United States. As a result, his ethnicity is Mexican-American. He does, however, have an American identity and is a citizen of the United States.

Franco was born to Mexican parents and raised by crossing the border between Mexico and the United States. His parents and siblings lived in Mexico, just over the border. Eduardo also paid a visit to his aunt, who works at a hair salon, whenever he traveled to Mexico.

Eduardo Franco
Eduardo Franco

When he visits Mexico, he says he likes to cut his hair with his aunt. Franco's parents were not able to support him financially, but they were and continue to be incredibly supportive of his acting career.

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Eduardo Franco Gender And Sexuality

Many people believe Eduardo Frans is a trans woman because of his shoulder-length hair. As far as we know, Eduardo is not transsexual. After the Netflix series "Stranger Things," fans have acquired a deep interest in Franco's personal life.

Despite the actor's lack of disclosure, people speculate about his sexuality based on his looks. It would be unacceptable to disclose any information about Franco's sexuality until he does so.