Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in the series The Crown.
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Has Elizabeth Debicki lost some weight? Elizabeth as Princess Diana in the series The Crown seems thinner than before. Fans are concerned whether she has shed some weight for the role or has been sick.

Debicki is an Australian actress. She studied drama at the Victorian College of the Arts; later, she made her film debut, A Few Best Men (2011), an Australian comedy.

Elizabeth was born to her parents, having mixed origins. Her father has Polish, while her mother has Irish descent. she was born on 24 August 1990 and is 6ft 3 In tall. Her parents were ballet dancers; they met each other while performing a show together and tied the knot.

Her family moved to Glen Waverley in Melbourne when she was five. Being the eldest of three children, born to her parents, she has a younger sister and a brother.

As a child, she was interested in ballet and got the training; however, later on, she switched to the theatre.

She studied at Huntingtower School in eastern Melbourne, achieving perfect study scores in Drama and English, and was the school's dux when she graduated in 2007; and completed a degree in drama in 2010, at the Victorian College of the Arts. 

The stunning actress won the Best Actress AACTA Award for her Supporting Role in The Great Gatsby in 2013 and received the critical acclaim for her performance in Widows in 2018 and later co-starred in Tenet in 2020. 

She portrayed the character of Ayesha in Marvel Universe's famous movies Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and 3.

Some Quick Facts About Elizabeth Debicki

NameElizabeth Debicki
Age32 years
Born OnAugust 24, 1990
BirthplaceParis, France
Height6 ft 3 In (1.9 m)
NationalityAustralian, French
Siblings2, one brother and one sister
Net WorthAround $2 Million

Elizabeth Debicki Weight Loss Journey

Elizabeth Debicki seems to have lost some weight compared to her photos before. The actress looks more skinny than in the photos shared by @elizabethdebickinators during her late 20s in 2019.

However, actress Elizabeth was always slim and fit. Thus her weight loss might be an illusion, and it might have been observed due to the angle of the pictures taken. 

Elizabeth Debicki's photos before being cast on The Crown
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In contrast, it is common for celebrities to look a certain way and even to lose and gain weight based on the character they are portraying. Some celebrities even take drastic measures to justify the role they are portraying.

Fans expect Elizabeth to look slim in The Crown, as they have witnessed the beautiful physique of their beloved Princess Diana. Not to mention She looks similar to the princess, and the make-up team has done great work.

Elizabeth Debicki's photos after being cast on The Crown, portraying Princess Diana.
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Recently, she has been portraying the citizen-adored Princess Diana in the series The Crown. Although we lose Princess Diana early, she is in the heart of many and has been the godmother for many.

Many people have eyes on the role portrayed by the actress, and some fans have observed a slight change in the actress's looks compared to before and are curious to know about her workout and diet plan.

Although it is natural for one's body to have fluctuations in body weight and physical appearance, the actress has always maintained her physique and looks very similar to her debut days.

It is obvious that Debicki is strictly controlling her food habits and is focused on her physical fitness.

Elizabeth Debicki Before And After Weight Loss Photos

On comparing the before and after photos, Elizabeth Debicki's age seems to be going backward. 32-year-old Elizabeth Debicki has maintained her figure so well that she looks in her early 20s. 

With the beautiful height of 6ft 3 Inch, the actress never leaves a chance to allure her fans through her sturdy figure and beautiful physique. Not to mention she has aged like a fine wine. The actress has always kept herself very fit and healthy.

Elizabeth Debicki's photos before and after, the actress's seems to have lost some weight
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The actress has got amazing physique with distinct cheekbones, almond-shaped blue eyes, and a distinct nose. Not to mention the actress looks stunning in her photos. 

Debicki has been active in her acting career since 2011, Since she debuted, her look has merely changed, and she is as stunning as she was before.

She shares her photos on her Twitter @debickistaller, while her fans have opened a fan page on Instagram as @elizabethdebickinators where they share the actress's marvelous pictures time and often.

Elizabeth Debicki Diet And Workout Plan

Elizabeth Debicki seems to be following a certain diet and workout plan. Not to mention the actress looks younger than before.

Fascinated by the actress's slim look, fans are curious about her diet plan and workout routine. Many celebrities even follow particular yoga and join gyms to maintain their body physique.

Actress Elizabeth Debicki at the Cartier Precious Garage Party in Sydney, Australia.
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In the entertainment industry, several beauty standards, among which being fit and slim, have ruled the industry for so long. Although many celebrities have taken their stand and been happy with their looks, some have taken drastic measures to fit inside.

While fans wonder what the actress's diet plan might be, Elizabeth has yet to share her diet plan herself. She also has not shared anything concerning her workout with the public.

However, based on the actress's looks, it is obvious that she is keeping tabs on her food habits and personal care routine.

Has Elizabeth Debicki Done Plastic Surgery - Fans Suspect Botox

While some believe that Elizabeth Debicki has done some cosmetic procedures to look younger, there's no doubt the actress has beautiful and distinct features.

32-years-old, 6 ft 3-inch tall actress, Elizabeth, has perfectly cut facial features. She has got high cheekbones, for which many undergo botox treatment. Her facial features look so perfect as if they were maintained by plastic surgery.

Elizabeth has not addressed her plastic surgery rumors, yet thus all the rumors seem untrue regarding her beauty.

Elizabeth Debicki with her distinct facial features makes some to guess whether she has done plastic surgery.
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Meanwhile, in the beauty industry, there is a trend of undergoing cosmetic procedures to highlight several features. Many celebrities have undergone botox and jaw lift surgery. At the same time, some stars are naturally flawless and flaunt their natural beauty.

On the other hand, some celebrities have entirely changed their appearance and are unrecognizable after they have gone under the knife.

At the same time, make-up also dramatically affects people's appearance; it covers some facial flaws and helps to highlight the person's features, making it appear perfect. Not to mention, Makeup even holds power to completely remake a person's appearance.

In The Crown, the Makeup artist and hair stylist have done a great job; Elizabeth looks much similar to Princess Diana. Thus fans are much delighted about the series and the actress's role.

Some FAQs

How tall is Elizabeth Debicki?

Actress Elizabeth Debicki stands 6 ft 3 in tall. She has the attractive height with blue eyes, distinct facial structure and slim physique.

Which actress looks like Princess Diana?

Elizabeth Debicki has perfectly channeled Princess Diana's style. It seems make up artist and hair stylist has done the great job.

Who does Elizabeth Debicki play in the crown?

Elizabeth Debicki portrays princess Diana in the season 5 of The Crown series. She had taken the role over Emma Corrin, who was in the previous season as Diana.

Has Elizabeth Debicki lost some weight?

As compared to the Elizabeth Debicki's looks before and after, she seems to have shed some weight. The actress was always slim and fit; however, recently her cheekbones seems to be distinct.