Image Of Ellie MacDowall, the new rumored girlfriend of Lewis Capaldi
Image Of Ellie MacDowall, the new rumored girlfriend of Lewis Capaldi( Source : instagram )

Musician Lewis Capaldi and rumored girlfriend Ellie MacDowell were seen walking and holding hands with each other.

Ellie and Lewis's dating rumor has been circulating like wildfire. However, it is almost certain that Lewis might be actually dating the actress, who is also from Scotland.

While Lewis was hanging out with Ellie, he made a new record Lewis Capaldi's sad ballad Someone You Loved surpassing Ed Sheeran's Shape Of You to become the UK's most-streamed song of all time.

MacDowell and Lewis also have a love of music, as Ellie studied singing at university. Ellies loves various activities, including football, horseback riding, athletics, badminton, cycling, climbing, sailing, tennis, and hockey, and she holds a powerboat license.

To know about what happened between Lewis and Ellie the night they met, continue reading.

Lewis Capaldi New Girlfriend Ellie MacDowell Is Just 23 Years Old

It is now confirmed that Lewis Capaldi has a new girlfriend, and her name is Ellie MacDowell, who is just 23.

MacDowell is a Scottish actress, originally from Edinburgh, like Lewis. Lewis is 26 years old, and in 2020, she graduated from the MGA Academy of Performing Arts.  Ellie spent three years studying Dance for Commercial Performance and is now a skilled professional dancer.

Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Ballet, Commercial Dance, Jazz Dancing, Latin American, Pas de Deux, Lyrical Dance, Modern Dance, and Tap are among her many dance styles. Ellie will also star in the forthcoming biopic 'Archie,' based on the actor Carey Grant, later this year.

Ellie is a 23-year-old actress who is in the coming biopic Archie
Ellie is a 23-year-old actress who is in the coming biopic Archie ( Source : instagram )

The four-part drama series will follow him from his humble beginnings in the United Kingdom to his spectacular rise to prominence in America.

Ellie is available on Instagram under the username @elliemacdowall. She has 2300 followers and 586 followings, and among her followers is Lewis. In 2022, Ellie has not been much active on Instagram, she has posted just eight pictures this year.

Also, don't forget to watch Archie's biopic because Ellie will play his daughter, Jennifer Grant, in the series, which will be broadcast on ITV's new streaming service, ITVX.

How long have Ellie MacDowell and Lewis Capaldi been dating?

 Ellie MacDowell and Lewis Capaldi may have been dating for months, and they are enjoying each other's company. 

When Lewis was walking with his girlfriend, they both were smiling and hand in hand with each other.

Unclear picture of Ellie and Lewis during their time together
Unclear picture of Ellie and Lewis during their time together ( Source : thesun )

Even though the actress and singer have never opened up about their relationship, it is safe to assume that Lewis has been available since 2020 after his break up with Catherine Halliday.

Lewis recently joked about what he's looking for in a girlfriend, saying he wants a low-standards, a good sense of humor, who is not too concerned about the size of certain things, and a small woman with small hands.'

Ellie has followed Lewis on Instagram
Ellie has followed Lewis on Instagram ( Source : instagram )

He seemed to have found what he was searching for in Ellie, as the couple was seen making their way to his hotel after a romantic meal on Thursday at 4:30 a.m. 'They strolled arm in arm to the hotel and spent a few moments at reception before heading to the lift.'

Ellie and he spent Thursday evening (10 November) at The Chiltern Firehouse, where they partied until the early hours of the morning. While the two left the venue separately around 4.30 a.m., they subsequently reconnected and went arm in arm to a nearby hotel.