Over three decades after Eloise Payne was stabbed to death in her home, the case still remains a mystery.

It has been more than 30 years since Eloise Payne was murdered inside her own home in 1991.

The woman was found lying in her own blood as police reached the crime scene back in the day.

However, no evidence of the murderer was found inside the place and the case is unsolved to this date.

In 2017, some cold case investigators asked for any information regarding the case but nothing seems to have progressed so far.

Here is everything you need to know about what actually happened.

Eloise Payne Murder: What Happened To Her?

Eloise Payne was stabbed to death multiple times at her home in 1991.

The police reports say that around three dozen marks of the stabbing were discovered on the woman's body.

It took place on November 29, in the 2500 block in Flint, Michigan.

As mentioned in Mlive, there were no signs of any break-in or any kind of robbery which indicates that it was a staged murder.

However, no clue regarding the person behind the brutal killing was located.

Even to this date, there is no concrete proof regarding the matter although the officials are looking for any information on the matter.

In recent revealings, the police have informed about narrowing down the list of suspects but no further reports are disclosed since then.

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Where Are Eloise Payne Husband And Son Kenyatta Payne Now In 2022?

Although Eloise Payne's husband and son Kenyatta's present whereabouts are not specified, they are thought to be in Michigan.

There is no information about any family member of the woman on the internet.

As per the sources, she had three kids and one of them, Sean Payne, works as a pastor in a church.

In the years since the incident, there is no disclosed trace of the spouse and the kids of the woman.

Eloise Payne Killer Identity: Who Are The Suspects?

Eloise Payne's killer identity is unknown but many people think it's her son, Sean Payne, who killed her.

On a Facebook post of her murder case, many people have commented saying Sean was the person behind the horrific killing.

However, there is no concrete evidence or report about this subject.

Although the investigators have talked about narrowed list of suspects, their identities are not disclosed.

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