Emer is a talented actress from England
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Emer Heatley is 29 years old Sheila Buckley in the new ITV series Stonehouse. Emer Heatley is an English actress.

The talented artist has worked on stage dramas and treaters for a long while and is now stepping her foot into on-screen acting projects.

Emer's entry into the filming industry was marked in 2021 when she graced the role of PC Cuts in the mystery series, Showtrial. Despite being a new face in the film industry, she has already made an impact on the minds of audiences and critics with a powerful performance.

Yet again, she is returning to impress audiences with her performance in the 2023 ITV series Stonehouse. This series is based on a real-life incident of an English MP who faked his demise in 1974.

The London native can be seen as the love interest of the MP and can be seen on screen after the series is made available for the public to watch on January 2, 2023.

Emer Heatley Plays A 29 Year Old

Emer Heatley plays the 29 years old Sheila Buckley in the new ITV drama. Emer is a talented artist from London.

Emer gained her acting-related education from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School. She is easily one of her school's best graduates, having worked on fourteen theater-acting projects in her career.

Emer mostly is recognized as a talented theater artist
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She is less expressive and more serious about her job. For that reason, she is not available on any of the social media websites.

Despite having minimal interaction with audiences, they love her to the fullest, which has been possible because of her mesmerizing acting skills.

The talented lady is yet to reveal information about her matters, like her love interest, parents, and family.

However, she has just started to come into the limelight, and her fans hope that the Stonehouse actress will let them dive deeper into her personal life.

Stonehouse Is Her Big Debut

Emer can be seen as Sheila Buckley in the 2023 ITV drama series Stonehouse. Sheila Buckley is inspired by a real-life person who was John Stonehouse's lover in 1974.

The talented English actress can be seen in one of the essential roles in the last ITV series Stonehouse. This show revolves around the story of an MP in the UK who faked his demise in 1974.

Emer played the role of a 29-year-old lady named Sheila Buckley, the love interest of that MP. Initially, John hesitates to accept Sheila as his wife, but as the story progresses, he eventually marries her as he did in real life.

Emer can be seen as Sheila Buckley in the new ITV drama show Stonehouse
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Sheila is initially the secretary of the MP, but as the story progresses, it is revealed that John has started to develop feelings for her.

John had a good life with his wife and three children, but after being accused of spying on Czechs, he decided to fake his demise and start a new life with his secretary.

He threw his clothes on the Miami beach and swam into the ocean. However, only after a month, he was detained in Australia, where he lived under a new identity with Sheila.