Jacob Collins-Levy plays Eredin in The Witcher: Blood Origin. Jacob was one of many actors to be chosen for the character of the Witcher villain.

A long time ago, 1200 years before, Geralt of Riva, the crown princess Ciri of Cintra, and the sorceress Yeefer of Vengerberg were destined to be connected. A highly flourishing Elven society existed there before its inevitable demise.

This much-anticipated prequel to "The Witcher" series, "The Witcher: Blood Origin," tells the tale of these elves in their heyday, restoring a crucial period of history that was lost when humans conquered them.

"The Witcher: Blood Origin," which had its Netflix premiere on December 25, 2022, laid the groundwork for several notable characters whose influence would have a substantial impact on the subsequent "Witcher" series. And one of the characters is "Eredin," the captain of the Red Riders.

Who Plays Eredin In The Witcher Blood Origin? 

Jacob Collins-Levy has joined the cast of "The Witcher" prequel "Blood Origin" as the primary antagonist Eredin Breacc Glas. Jacob Collins-Levy serves as the vital and pivotal villain.

The actor plays the role of Eredin and has been shining up until now in "The Witcher 3." 

According to Redanian Intelligence, the spotlight will also transfer over to the antagonist appearing in the Blood Origin prequel series.

Collins-Levy was not; however, the first actor to be chosen for the role of the Witcher villain. According to the first reports, Eredin was supposed to be played by actor Sam Hazeldine.

There may have been many factors at play when Collins-Levy got the position. Given that Blood, Origin is set 1200 years before the events of the first series; time will probably play a significant role in the program.

"Blood Origin" will tell a story lost to time: the creation of the prototype Witcher and the events leading up to the crucial "conjunction of the spheres," when the realms of monsters, humanity, and elves united to form one.

Eredin commonly referred to as King of the Wild Hunt is the commander of the Wild Hunt
Eredin commonly referred to as King of the Wild Hunt is the commander of the Wild Hunt ( Source : instagram )

A very brief cameo by actor Hazeldine has been mentioned for "The Witcher's" second season. His first casting in the prequel is not that surprising, given that he has participated in the series to some extent.

Nevertheless, the cause for this abrupt change of actors could have resulted from time jumps. Therefore, it makes far more sense that Levy will play the lead role as a younger guy, with Hazeldine playing an older version of the infamous villain.

Likewise, the choice to recast Eredin might speak much about what fans should anticipate from him in "Blood Origin." Conversely, it may have been anything as simple as a scheduling adjustment or dispute. In any case, the deliberate focus on Eredin's persona further reassures fans of the importance the prequel will attach to him.

Eredin is described as the "king of the wild hunt" in the game, implying that he controls a large group of ferocious warriors. To carry out his conniving plans, he kidnaps Ciri and steals her magical abilities, which is how he acquired all of his power.

Meet Actor Jacob Collins-Levy

Actor Jacob Collins-Levy is known for his other roles in "True History of the Kelly Gang and Bloom" (2019), "Glitch" (2015), and "The Liberator" (2020).

However, the talented actor has also appeared as Henry VII, King of England, in "The White Princess" (2017).

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Levy was born on 18th March 1992. He has been acting since childhood and joined acting training at "16th Street Actors Studio." After that, he did many auditions before making his first brief feature in 2015, in "Holding the Man" and "Gallipoli."

Jacob has been active in acting industry since 2015 making a brief apperance in
Jacob has been active in acting industry since 2015 making a brief apperance in "Holding the Man" ( Source : twitter )

Levi then made his major appearance in the film "Joe Cinque's Consolation," which was selected for the 41st Toronto International Film Festival.

But his acting career took off when millions watched him as Henry VII in "The White Princess." Jacob's popularity grew in Hollywood overnight as a result of his performance, and he got the role of Lord Byron in the "Doctor Who" movie in 2020.