Real Madrid had made a bid worth 30 million euros for midfielder Eduardo Camavinga in 2021.
Real Madrid had made a bid worth 30 million euros for midfielder Eduardo Camavinga in 2021.( Source : butfootballclub )

19-year-old Premier League Real Madrid star Eduardo Camavinga is the son of Sofia Camavinga and Celestino Camavinga.

The summer has been a good one for the footballer as he has received attractive transfer offers from heavy earners. The international midfielder has established himself as one of the most promising youths in the country as his age only enhances productive years. 

Although he has kept the names of his lures under the wraps, insiders say the big six sides may have tried incorporating him to England, with Manchester United and Chelsea trying their shot. 

On the other hand, he is happy following the lead of Los Blancos as he is more than content to follow his guidance till his retirement. The Spanish capital has successfully awarded him the Champions League winners’ medal as one does not want anymore from life. 

Indeed, rumors say he is one of the athletes to win the most prestigious accolade for young players in Europe, the Golden Boy award, cementing his status as a genius at his work. Forty international sports media are allocated with the final decisions as they must reckon if the teenager has it factor or not. But he is the most likely candidate as his performance does not have a worthy contender. 

Quick Info:

Date of birth 10 November 2002
Age19 years
Height1.82 m (6 ft 0 in)
ParentsSofia Camavinga, Celestino Camavinga
NameEduardo Celmi Camavinga

Family: Eduardo Camavinga Parents, Sofia Camavinga And Celestino Camavinga.

One of the highest-earning midfielders, Eduardo Camavinga, had a tough time growing up as his parents, Sofia and Celestino Camavinga, fought tooth and nail for an ideal life.

Born on 10 November 2002, the baby did not know about the environment he had entered as his parents were at a refugee camp in Cabinda, Angola. The Congolese couple took shelter in a small community as they tried to feed six mouths with little to no income. The war raged in the background of Kinshasa, having to take refuge elsewhere. 

Fortunately, he did not have to suffer the misfortunes for long as they fled to Fougeres, a village 50 kilometers northeast of Rennes, France. After getting an opportunity to start anew, his mother tried to enroll him in judo class, but he became destructive. As he did not know where to channel his energy, he began to destroy everything within sight. 

Eduardo Camavinga and family with Florentino Perez family in Madrid
Eduardo Camavinga and family with Florentino Perez family in Madrid ( Source : marca )

Then, his dad took a chance and enrolled him in football class as he was in the modest club because of his playing group. As he was still prepubescent, he did not even know the basics of the game as he tested dribbling the ball.

After turning seven, he finally found people his age who slowly taught him the rules and commenced practicing. He was an observant kid, and the sport came to him naturally. 

In an exclusive interview with Onefootball, he elaborated that it was a crucial skill as he shared the trait with great players like Pogba, Zidane, and Ronaldinho. The initial game remains unforgiving for every starter, but it is up to the player to consistently grow better with each round, as mistakes are prohibited.

The influx of new information got well absorbed by the young athlete as he caught the eye of Rennes. They got impressed by his gameplay and even invited him to try a shot at the club. His life changed for the better as Julian Stephan calculated his every move and liked what he saw. 

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How Many Siblings Does Eduardo Camavinga Have? Who Are His Brothers And Sisters?

French footballer Eduardo Camavinga comes from a humongous family of four siblings, but we only know the names of his older brother Sebastion and younger brother Celio.

The eldest has been the spokesperson for the band when he talked to managing Madrid about his ticks and tactics before a match. As someone who watched him growing up, he is the best person for his job as his household packed their clothes and moved to the country to be closer to him. 

Eduardo Celmi Camavinga's sister during his game
Eduardo Celmi Camavinga's sister during his game ( Source : instagram )

Although they devoted most of their time to his success, Sebastion decided to find a way to make an income by taking up a job as a hairdresser. The language and the people are friendly as he takes public transport to get to know the core of the people. The first few months got spent hoarded in a hotel as he could not take it any longer.

Indeed, he did not want to use the hard-earned money of his younger brother as he went ahead and secured a job after a friend, Jorden, set up an interview. The months leading up to the transfer to Madrid were like living a dream as he recalled how they used to play around the neighborhood. They knew he was different as he easily took up kids four years older. His strength became apparent after joining the youth clubs, as he had dreams of joining the club. 

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Even before beginning a profession, he used to pout whenever the team lost a match and huddled in the bedroom for hours morning their loss.

As the youngest player in his unit, he had immense pressure on his shoulders as he even learned Spanish to write his name in their history books. 

But it all stemmed from a fire in 2013 when he was outplaying for the Rennes. At home, things were different as a fire consumed their building trainer Nicolas Martinais recalled watching them lose everything before their eyes. Camavinga immediately returned to practicing as he needed to get away to his nearest escape. But his dad was optimistic as he insisted that he would be one to rebuild their home one day. 

Eduardo Camavinga Net Worth 2022- Does He Play For Real Madrid?

19-year-old Real Madrid midfielder Eduardo Camavinga has a net worth reaching forty million euros after scoring a six-year deal.

Before reaching the status he is today, he used to be a humble player in France as he joined the youth system of Rennes before even becoming a teenager. At 16, he signed his official contract with the unit as he made his professional debut against Angers which resulted in a tie. 

Mathieu Le Scornet, who was a Rennes academy coach who discovered the midfielder Eduardo Camvinga when he was a kid.
Mathieu Le Scornet, who was a Rennes academy coach who discovered the midfielder Eduardo Camvinga when he was a kid. ( Source : eurosport )

Indeed, he was always ahead of his peers as he had always been the youngest on his team. His games had tough contenders like Paris Saint-Germain and Lyon, as he even got featured in four matches for the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League. 

His dream came true when he got approached by his dream team, Real Madrid, and announced their partnership in press conferences in August 2021. It was a new beginning for the athlete as he debuted with a win over Celta Vigo. In the same year, he got prestige with the Champions League after substituting for Luka Modric in the last minute, ultimately defeating Liverpool on the final road. 

Besides, his French citizenship came in handy and came to represent his nation in the international space as he got incorporated into France's under-21 team. 

Although Coivd poured water over his efforts, he still recovered and partook in the UEFA Nations League and Summer Olympics in 2021.