Judge Orders To Halt Review Of Documents Of Trump
Judge Orders To Halt Review Of Documents Of Trump( Source : wikipedia )

Aileen Cannon is an American District Court judge appointed by Donald Trump. Cannon was confirmed as a judge by the US Senate in 2020. After being appointed as a judge, Aileen heard the case of Donald Trump. The decision was in favor of Trump.

A federal judge halted the Justice Department's review of materials taken from former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate, quoting a threat to organizations and the risk of media spills that could harm Trump.

Cannon, a Trump appointee, confirmed by the Senate one week after Trump's defeat in the 2020 election, decided to give the Justice Department and Trump's lawyers until September 9 to file a joint filing proposing a list of special master candidates and outlining their duties and limitations.

Meanwhile, Cannon has ruled that the documents will not be returned to Trump.

Aileen Has Granted Trump Motion
Aileen Has Granted Trump Motion( Source : twitter )

Federal Judge Aileen Cannon Husband Josh Lorence: Who Is He?

Federal judge Aileen Cannon has married her husband, Josh Lorence, since June 7, 2008.

She has a minimum of two children. Before getting married, Aileen and Josh dated for five years. While the couple was on vacation in Athens, Josh decided to propose.

Picture Of Aileen and Her Husband Josh
Picture Of Aileen and Her Husband Josh ( Source : theknot )

However, Aileen had suspected he would propose on the trip, so much so that she told her mother about it. On the very first day of their trip, Josh found a beautiful spot overlooking the ancient ruins and proposed to Aileen.

But, he became distracted when a big turtle started to walk by in the middle of the proposal. He stopped and said, "Look, the turtle!" exclaimed Aileen, who couldn't help laughing before nodding yes to Josh.

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Religion And The Political Background Of Aileen Cannon

Aileen Cannon most probably follow the religion Christianity. Aileen didn't have any political background when she started her career.

Cannon's mother escaped Fidel Castro's communist regime in Cuba when she was seven years old, she expressed her story during a confirmation hearing before the 2020 Senate Judiciary Committee.

She expressed gratitude to her family members and discussed how the experience had shaped her life. Cannon was born in Columbia, South Carolina, in 1981 and studied in Spain.

Aileen Was Born In Columbia But Her Mother and She moved To USA
Aileen Was Born In Columbia But Her Mother and She moved To USA ( Source : theminnesotasun )

She speaks two languages. It is unknown when the judge moved to the United States, but she appears to have spent her entire adult life in the country. Aileen had her first job in the United States,

From 2003 to 2005, Aileen worked as a paralegal for the United States Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. She had worked for several law firms and as a law clerk for the United States Court of Appeals.

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Aileen Cannon's Net Worth In 2022

Aileen Cannon's net worth is under $1 million. According to uscourts.gov, the average salary of a district court judge in the USA is around $230,000 a year.

Before being appointed to her current position, Cannon worked as an Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida.

President Donald Trump announced his intention to nominate Cannon as a United States District Judge for the Southern District of Florida.

She was nominated to fill the vacancy left by Judge Kenneth Marra, who retired on August 1, 2017. Her nomination was confirmed out of committee with a 16-6. On November 12, 2020, the Senate voted 56-21 to confirm her nomination.