39-year-old Washington Post reporter Felicia Sonmez called out her colleague David Weigel and the paper itself over a tweet he shared disparaging women. Let's get to know in detail about her recent tweet.

Felicia Sonmez is a renowned American journalist based in Washington, D.C. She is currently serving as a national reporter on The Washington Post's breaking political news team. She covers breaking news from the White House, Congress and the campaign trail.

Besides that, Sonmez spent four years in Beijing, where she served initially as a correspondent for Agence France-Presse, and later she became the editor of The Wall Street Journal's China Real Time Report. Moreover, she was also a reporter for national politics for the Washington Post from 2010 to 2013. 

Meanwhile, the Washington reporter first made headlines in the national and international media in January 2020 when she got suspended after publishing a link to an article about sexual assault allegations against Kobe Bryant in the aftermath of his death. And now, she is again in the media prominence regarding her tweets.

Felicia Sonmez Washington Post Wikipedia Bio

Felicia Sonmez is a national reporter serving at Washington Post, born in 1983, making her 39 years. As for her education, Sonmez earned her B.A. degree in Government in 2005 from Harvard University. After completing her education, Sonmez began her professional career.

Not to mention, Sonmez spent one year in advanced Chinese language study as a Blakemore Freeman Fellow at Tsinghua University. She came into this field as a writer for The Fix and covered Congress, the 2012 presidential campaign, and the early days of President Barack Obama's second time. 

Meanwhile, Sonmez's career started by teaching English in Beijing. Not only that, but she has also covered U.S. politics for the Asahi Shimbun and National Journal's The Hotline. Moreover, she is multi-lingual and can speak English, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish.

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Felicia Sonmez Twitter Posts In Detail- What Did She Say?

As mentioned earlier, Felicia Sonmez is now making headlines after some of her Twitter posts. She was suspended for reviving Kobe Bryant's rape accusation amid news of his demise. And now, she led the rage towards colleague Dave Weigel over a retweet that ridiculed women, resulting in a suspension. But Weigel came to defend Sonmez when she herself lighted in hot water with the paper.  

Last week, Weigel shared a joke by YouTube host Cam Harless and Sonmez shared a screenshot of that retweet and called him out as well as their employer. In that tweet, Sonmez said, "Fantastic to work at a news outlet where retweets like this are allowed!"

And when the Washington Post criticized the retweet, Weigel removed the retweet from his Twitter page and also issued an apology. And it was also announced that Weigel was placed on a one-month unpaid hiatus.  

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Felicia Sonmez Accused Kobe Bryant Of Sexual Assault

Back in 2020, Felicia Sonmez shared a 2016 story about 2003 rape allegations. The Washington reporter doubled down with numerous follow-up tweets when her initial message was hit with an attack of backlash, writing that the reaction was eye-opening, and declaring she received abuse and death threats.

She ultimately deleted the tweets, but her employer wasn't happy and placed her on administrative leave pending a review.