A New York man, Gary Joe Cabana, is accused of stabbing two employees at the Museum of Modern Art, or MoMa, in New York City. Learn about the most recent developments in the case.

A video taken Saturday at the Museum of Modern Art showed a guy leaping over a reception counter and stabbing two employees as they attempted to leave.

A surveillance camera from the museum on West 53rd Street captured the attack.

On Sunday, it was made public, along with images of the suspect, Gary Cabana, 60, who was still on the run.

According to authorities, the victim, a 24-year-old woman stabbed in the left collar bone, is in stable condition at Bellevue Hospital.

Who Is Gary Joe Cabana? MoMa Stabbing Suspect Wanted

Gary Joe Cabana is accused of stabbing two employees at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, or MoMa.

The accident took place on Saturday, March 12th, 2022.

The stabbings happened at a time when residents of New York City are becoming increasingly concerned about the city's rising crime rate.

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John Miller, the NYPD deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism, said that his membership was canceled after two separate incidences of unruly behavior at the museum in recent days.

However, he showed up at the museum on Saturday, claiming to want to see a movie.

Later, Cabana became enraged and attacked museum personnel in the back, collarbone, and neck. They were taken to the hospital in minutes.

Gary Joe Cabana Broadway Actor Wikipedia 

According to Gary Cabana's Instagram feed, he claims to be a big Apple culture fan who frequents Broadway plays, local music venues, and museums, including MoMA.

Late Saturday night, police released images of Cabana and asked for the public's assistance in locating him.

However, the man had no prior arrests in the department's records.

An emailed request for comment on the event was not immediately returned, but the museum announced on social media that it would be closed to the public on Sunday.

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On Saturday afternoon, visitors to a museum in midtown Manhattan were evacuated.

Yuchi Shimada, a museumgoer on the second floor at the time of the attack, tweeted that he was on the second floor when a pair came sprinting toward him and that he heard security guards' radios around the museum loudly announcing something at the same time.

Find Gary Joe Cabana On Instagram

Gary Joe Cabana has an Instagram account under the pseudonym @garyjoecabana.

He has roughly 247 followers on the network and has made 303 posts thus far.