Georgia photographed on the Champions Day in October 2022
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Georgia Toffolo and Oonagh Toffolo are not related to each other. Georgia may have famous relatives, but Oonagh is not one of them.

The British television personality is known by her nickname Toff in the media and is a regular on the E4 reality television series Made in Chelsea.

For Christmas, she returned to her family home in the West Country and shared some highlights on her social media. 

Indeed, the 28-year-old had the best time as she uploaded a reel with a montage of her active day. The rural home remained filled with family and relatives with presents begging to get ripped apart.

Georgia Toffolo is not related to Oonagh Toffolo except for their last name. Georgia and Oonagh are a part of the entertainment industry.

Like the media personality, Oonagh came from the United Kingdom and was brought up in the 1930s in rural Ireland. Her father taught her the healing art; by 16, she had begun training to be a nurse. Her pursuit sent her to India, where she cared for Mother Teresa. 

Indeed, her learning in Chinese medicine and acupuncture session made her an excellent midwife. She created many protocols for delivery and pioneered the six weeks of tender care for new mothers after birth.

Georgia is not related to proclaimed auther Oonagh Shanley-Toffolo
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But her most notable job was when she got entangled with the late Princess Diana. At first glance, she knew that the woman was suffering mentally and cited her untreated post-natal depression as the reason.

She also penned the extraordinary book The Voice Of Silence which encompassed her journey in a few hundred pages. 

Conversely, her much younger counterpart is just starting her life with a different set of rules. While the 93-year-old devoted her life to caring for others, the TV personality focused on improving her career.

The author had a thirst for knowledge, learning various practices through her years while Toffolo left her Law degree for a career in reality TV.

Meet Georgia's Parents Gary Bennet And Nicola Toffolo

Georgia does not forget her beginnings as she commits her time to her parents, Gary Bennet and Nicola Toffolo.

The couple has been her number-one support system, standing back with open arms to welcome her to things go wrong. She never misses the holidays, spending the 2022 Christmas Day with her parents and extended family.

Although the pair never really married, having split when she was only five years old, they remained on cordial terms and kept their differences aside for their children.

Georgia's Father Gary Bennet Ran A Repair Shop

Georgia's father, Gary Bennet, used to run a business, Lair Logistics, a car repair shop. But the enterprise has since folded as he had to make ends meet. 

He is a humble man who is proud of his trade. According to Dailymail, the 57-year-old is a modest rag-and-bone man from Torquay, Devon. He collects scrap metal in his van and exchanges it for cash.

But his job is not limited to just that, as he is also a commercial property landlord. The £200,000 flat rose in value to quadruple in price after he finished his renovations.

Toffolo's dad Gary Bennett stays out of the spotlight
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But his lack of wealth never pushed him to make excuses as he worked relentlessly to pay for Georgia's private education. He believes the exposure to the high-end lifestyle got her engrossed in this social circle, as she did not finish her degree despite her dad's insistence. 

Toffolo's Mother Nicola Has Moved On

Georgia's mother, Nicola, has moved on from her failed relationship and seems to be dating Bernard Jones. The 65-year-old is an amusement arcade owner and the perfect other half to the ambitious woman. 

Previously, she married company boss Jeffrey Hewett, who was four years her senior. But the marriage ended in a divorce.

Georgia wishing her mom Happy Mothers Day in 2021
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Despite the high-profile relationships, she never needed a man to pay her bills as she runs a successful property management business.

The lady is also Georgia's plus on to events, as they strutted the red carpet when they arrived for the premiere of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again held at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo, London.

Georgia Also Has A Brother

In addition to her ever-loving parents, Georgia has an elder brother named Toni Toffolo.

In contrast to the rest of the Toffolos, he does not chase the limelight, committing his time to hunt fish. He worked as a professional fisherman guide with the ambition to catch and release every type of fish on the planet. 

 Georgia's brother Toni makes his living as a fisherman
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Indeed, he has been tied to River Ebro Catfishing and includes a guide to catfishing and carp fishing during the holidays in the River Ebro in Spain. They tailor the timing concerning their customers, with the promise of 18 hours of fishing starting from 6 am.