Georgia Love is leaving Channel 7 to pursue her love for storytelling to another media portal.

Georgia Love is an Australian TV personality and reporter on Channel 7.

But she doesn't intend to hold the position at Channel 7 for much longer as she awaits her new journey towards her dream job.

As a former participant of the Bachelorette season two, Love is a well-known personality on the internet.

Many people are familiar with her career and follow her closely.

Recently, she made an announcement about leaving her current job at the media channel to pursue another working area.

Many wonder about her new job and are curious to know where the lady will be moving to.

Why Is Georgia Love Leaving Channel 7?

Georgia Love is leaving Channel 7 to pursue her dream job of storytelling for another media portal.

She joined her current platform in February of 2021 as a reporter but was moved to the production desk after she was heavily criticized for her racist online post, reports News.

The lady shared a photo of a cat inside an Asian restaurant and captioned it Shop Attendant or Lunch? which faced a severe backlash on the internet.

Due to this, she couldn't do reporting and found the opportunity to use her storytelling ability for another platform, Enthral.

Thus, the main reason due to which Georgia is leaving Channel 7 is thought to be her demotion from being a reporter to a production person.

Georgia Love Net Job In Career: Where Is She Going?

Georgia Love's new job in her career is as a senior public relations and content manager at The Good News.

She will have a senior role in the new media portal and will be able to use her ability of storytelling to express herself to the audience.

The Good News is a platform that shares only good news to ring positivity and calmness among the readers.

This network is managed by the agency, Enthral, and has been working to bring joy to people for over two decades now.

Meet Georgia Love On Instagram

Georgia Love can be found on Instagram under the handle @georgiealove.

She has a verified Instagram account with over 236k followers at the time of writing.

The TV personality is pretty active on the media as well.

She has already made over 1670 posts and the majority of them are related to her personal life moments.