Ginella Massa on Canada Tonight has taken a break from the show.
Ginella Massa on Canada Tonight has taken a break from the show.( Source : lapresse )

Canada Tonight's host Ginella Massa taking a break from the show as she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Ginella is on maternity leave.

Ginella, an Afro-Latina Muslim, is a Canadian TV journalist. Canada saw its first hijab-wearing news anchor when Massa anchored the 11 pm newscast for CityNews on CITY-DT. She graduated with honors from York University and Seneca College.

Massa previously hosted Canada Tonight for the CBC News Network since it premiered on January 11, 2021. Since Massa welcomed her daughter with her husband, Usman Quick, whom she married in 2018, the host no longer appears on the show. 

What Happened To Ginella Massa on Canada Tonight?

CBC's Canada Tonight host Ginella Massa hasn't appeared on the show since last month. A new addition to Massa's family is likely the reason behind it.

Ginella Massa appeared live on weeknights at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT on the national stage hosting Canada Tonight With Ginella Massa, hour-long news and current affairs program on CBC News Network.

Viewers saw Massa conversing news of the day, calling attention to diverse perspectives from all over Canada and uncovering unheard and untold stories. However, Massa went missing from primetime at the end of October.

On October 21, Massa announced the birth of her baby girl via Instagram post. She mentioned that her daughter arrived much earlier, and the mom and baby were in good health and already in love.

Ginella Massa has taken maternity leave from Canada Tonight.
Ginella Massa has taken maternity leave from Canada Tonight. ( Source : instagram )

The host was reportedly on maternity leave after welcoming her newborn, which was later confirmed when CBC News Network unveiled a new host line up, effective from October 24.

The network announced that Dwight Drummond from CBC Toronto News at 6 pm was joining as the host of Canada Tonight, while anchor Massa was on maternity leave.

Massa too shared the news through her Twitter Handle. She tweeted, "All the best to @dwightdrummond as he takes over hosting duties on Canada Tonight for the next year! Baby girl and I will be tuning in, and we hope you will too"

She shared the image of her daughter with Canada Tonight's 8 pm live segment broadcast running in the background. The host is taking the time away from the show to be a full-time mother to her newly born baby girl. 

It is not the first time Massa spent away from the show. She was on leave from Canada Tonight to host a two-week stint at CBC Radio's program As It Happens. While Anita Bathe, another anchor for CBC, took her place on Canada Tonight.

Is Ginella Massa Leaving CBC?

Ginella Massa is leaving CBC's Canada Tonight, but it might just be a temporary arrangement. The anchor is currently on maternity leave, tending to her newborn daughter.

Massa became a part of CBC in 2020 when the broadcasting corporation announced that she was joining as host of a prime-time show on CBC News Network and The National special correspondent. 

While speaking to Toronto Star about her new role as an anchor for Canada Tonight, Massa said, “I’m really excited, admittedly a little bit nervous.

Jumping from local news to a national platform is a big change and I do feel a big responsibility. This is Canada’s national broadcaster, so I know the spotlight is going to be on me,” 

Anchor Ginella Massa is leaving Canada Tonight temporarily.
Anchor Ginella Massa is leaving Canada Tonight temporarily. ( Source : cbc )

Before her CBS skit, she had already garnered knowledge of both behind-the-scenes and on-air while working for local and national Canadian news outlets such as CTV News, CFRB, and Rogers Television. 

She landed her first on-air job in 2015 in Kitchener-Waterloo. She then came back to Toronto a year later and joined City News. While working as the 11 pm anchor, she received positive attention, but her appearance as a Hijabi brought negative attention too.

Massa began as the anchor at Canada Tonight in early 2021, and over a year later, she is taking a break from the show. When CBS and Masha shared the news of her leave, it was announced only for a year.

CBS clearly stated that anchor Dwight Drummond was filling in for Massa rather than joining Canada Tonight permanently. Chances are Massa will be returning on CBS. She could make her comeback after her newborn turns a year old. 

For the time being, Drummond will be the one delivering the 8. p.m. news as the anchor for Canada Tonight on CBC News Network.

Ginella Massa's Admirers Have Mixed Reaction To Her Disappearance

Those tuning into CBS 8 .p.m news have definitely felt Ginella Massa's absence. Her admirers did have some things to say about her disappearance.

One user on her Instagram post, commented "It finally occurred to me that I had not seen you on Canada Tonight for awhile so I did a little investigating. Oh…. There you are! How did I miss that you were expecting a baby! Congratulations! Enjoy this precious time".

Another user, on her disappearance, said, "Ahhh omg!!! I was wondering where you were! (Mother of one 14-month-old here) And then I included probably had baby! Congrats! Hope you are both doing well!!!"

Canada Tonight host Ginella Masse's disappearance has brought mixed reactions from the audience.
Canada Tonight host Ginella Masse's disappearance has brought mixed reactions from the audience. ( Source : cbc )

When she tweeted the news of Dwight Drummond replacing her on Canada Tonight, Tweeters were quick to congratulate on daughters birth and Dwight as well. "Congratulations Ginella on the arrival of your daughter. Congratulations as well to you Dwight."

While most netizens were sad to see her go, some felt quite the opposite. One Tweeter seemed relieved that Massa is not on CBsS at the moment.

"I am grateful for CBC recently. Gone—the unwatchable Vassy Kapelos & Ginella Massa (I couldn’t watch her because I couldn’t get past the layers of makeup & windshield wipers eyelashes. Surely she would have liked to be take seriously). Now David Cochrane, Dwight Drummond."