A popular filmmaker from Gold Coast, Jed Cahil shocked the fans and public as he died recently due to a serious health issue related to the brain.  

Jed Cahil was a popular filmmaker from Gold Coast, Australia. Netizens and people who knew him have flooded condolences to his family as he recently died.

Jed has personally run the Queensland Touring Film Festival for the past 15 years, which involves him driving thousands of kilometers into the Queensland outback in his van to help educate aspiring filmmakers.

The media and public were just talking about him a few days ago as he was given a time limit on his life due to a severe health condition.

Gold Coast Filmmaker Jed Cahil Dies From Brain Cancer

Jed Cahill, a well-known film director from the Gold Coast, died on Friday following a year-long struggle with brain cancer.

Jed Cahill, from the Gold Coast, was given a year to live after being diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor in March.

Jed has subsequently endured surgery, chemo, and radiation before deciding to go to Germany with his three young children and wife to receive immunotherapy treatment.

A possibility made feasible by a community fundraising initiative on the Gold Coast that raised more than $100,000.

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Did Jed Cahil Have A Wife And Children?

Yes, Jed Cahil had a wife with whom he had three children as seen in the photographs of his family on the Internet.

Cahil had two daughters and a son with his wife. However, the identity of his spouse and kids is not revealed as of now on the web. 

Jed's wife and kids must be currently mourning his death. Jed was planning to go on a vacation with his family as he was living the last days of his life.

After being diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer, a Queensland film industry figure has been given only 12 months to live, but he is determined to fight for the sake of his young family. 

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Find Out Jed Cahil Net Worth Details

Jed Cahil has left all his career earnings and net worth to his family's well-being after his death.

Cahil must have made sizeable earnings from his career as a filmmaker in Australia. He is also recognized by the public for his great projects in filmmaking.

In Australia, the average gross compensation for a filmmaker is $94,142, which equates to $45. They also receive a $3,737 bonus on average.

Wage estimates are based on salary survey data taken directly from Australian employers and anonymous employees. The average income for an entry-level filmmaker (with 1-3 years of experience) is $66,382.

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