According to the latest breaking news, Gomora actor Sdumo, Siyabonga Zubane, committed suicide. Continue reading to learn more.

Siyabonga Zubane was a well-known actor who portrays Sdumo in the renowned Gomora television series.

In the Mzansi Magic TV series Gomora, he played the role of Sdumo, a car hijacker and criminal, a man who will do everything for a fast profit.

Moreover, Siyabonga made his television debut in the Mzansi Magic soap Isibaya, which was ultimately canceled. The young star died after committing suicide, according to recent reports.

Gomora Actor Siyabonga Zubane Died Of Suicide: What Happened To Sdumo?  

Siyabonga Zubane's death was verified as a suicide by several news outlets.

On the other side, no one knows why he took the drastic decision of ending his life. As a result, we have no idea what happened to Sdumo AKA Siyabonga before he committed himself.

Indeed, the news of Gomora actor Siyabonga Zubane's death, which broke on social media, was incredibly sad and upsetting.

He was a well-known and well-liked actor with a large fan base. After hearing this news, his supporters and following are devastated.

Siyabonga Zubane Age And Wikipedia

Siyabonga Zubane was just at the young age of 23 years old when he passed away.

Moreover, he was born in Alexandra, South Africa. He was also a modest actor and performance artist who believed in putting in long hours and doing what he liked for a career.

His family shared his passion for painting. Thabiso Zubane, Siyabonga's younger brother, sang Tap and Clap the Choir for Bana Bama Afrika.

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Siyabonga Zubane: Role As Sdumo In Gomora

Siyabonga Zubane's role as Sdumo in Gomora, was a guy who lived by snatching automobiles and will do everything for a quick profit.

Zubane made his acting debut in the Mzansi Magic drama Isibaya in 2017. He goes on to state that he wanted to see and understand what he was getting himself into, as well as get a taste of acting outside of an audition room.

Sdumo is presently in hot water with the Gomora community for kidnapping young females from Gomora High. He bans the girls from returning to their families or attending school.

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