2016 AGT winner Grace doesn't appear the same anymore
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Grace Vanderwaal new look with blond hair and an edgy vibe left a lot of fans shocked. She doesn't look like she was before.

She looks like a different kid and is hard to recognize as the same person who won 2016 America's Got Talent.

Grace is an American music artist and actress. She gained fame when she became the youngest participant to win the televised talent show America's Got Talent in 2016.

Following her new unrecognizable look, the actress made many headlines across several media outlets and social media platforms.

She is known for her distinctive melodic voice and for playing the ukelele which accompanies her at every event.

Here's everything you need to know about what Vanderwaal's been up to.

Grace Looks Different Then She Was Before

Grace VanderWaal shows her new makeover where she has Buzz Cut and Dyes Hair Pink.

In late 2020, Vanderwaal made some drastic with her appearance. She looked unrecognizable after her new makeover.

The 19-year-old started adopting edgier looks as she grew old, but her latest makeover might be the most outlandish transition ever.

After dyeing her hair pink over the summer, VanderWaal removed and shaved her strands. On December 20, the teen posted a selfie on Instagram showcasing her buzz cut, which she rocked with hoop earrings and two-line facial tattoos.

The young star took to social media to show off her recent transformation, which features her blonde hair buzzed off and two black lines on her nose and eyes.

A couple of months later, the singer joined TikTok and gave her fans a glimpse of her new edgier look in a video she posted.

Some fans have expressed concerns regarding her latest look, while others embraced her new edgy style.

The Teen Singer Has Starred In Multiple Movies

Grace Vanderwaal has starred in multiple movies and TV shows. She has solidified her status as a versatile artist in the film industry.

Besides releasing songs and music videos, Grace is also a talented actress and has been featured in several movies and TV series.

She debuted her career on the silver screen with the lead role as Susan Caraway in the 2020 American musical romance film Stargirl and got into the movie industry.

A look of Vanderwaal as Susan in the movie Stargirl
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In the movie, her ability to deliver an authentic performance that captures the characters' unique personalities was well-received and many critics and fans.

The 19-year-old also wrote and performed many of her original songs for the movie and can also be seen accompanied by her well-known ukelele.

The singer also appeared in Christmas in Vienna as a performer and later reprised her role as Susan in the sequel to Disney's plus Stargirl, Hollywood Stargirl, in 2022.

Having been featured in multiple films, the gifted singer also appeared in an American storytelling TV show, Disney Insider, alongside the co-stars of Stargirl to give an insight into their new movie.

According to IMDb, Vanderwaal will feature in an upcoming Sci-fi movie, Megalopolis, directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola. However, what role the 19-year-old will be playing has yet to be confirmed.

Its Almost Seven Years Since The Singer Got Her Golden Buzzer

Grace Vanderwaal age is 19 years. She was born in Lenexa on January 15, 2004, to her parents, Tina and David Vanderwall.

The AGT alum is the youngest addition to the family of five. She had a middle-class upbringing, and her father was of Dutch descent and the vice president of Marketing at LG Electronics.

She has two siblings - an elder brother and a sister. After being voted the AGT winner, she was home-schooled due to all the media attention, but later attended public school.

At three, the singer started composing and singing songs using a wireless microphone. As an early teen, she attained an interest in music after gaining inspiration from watching movies.

Grace covered in confetti as she recieved the Golden Buzzer in 2016's AGT audition
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The singer brought a ukelele with the money she got on her 11th birthday after being denied by her mother, who thought she would never learn to play it.

Even though she performed at open mic events at small venues in her neighborhood of Suffern, New York, AGT was the first time the actor got on a stage in front of a large crowd that was televised worldwide.

On June 7, 2016, the actress auditioned for the 11th season of NBC's America Got Talent. Following the outstanding performance of a 12-year-old kid, one of the judges, Howie, selected her as his "Golden Buzzer" act.

The world-renowned talent show judge Simon Cowell even claimed her as the "Next Taylor Swift," which was a pretty bold statement. 

Grace progressed up the competition and won the talent show by performing "I Don't Know My Name" at the September 14 grand finale.

Get To Know What The 19 Year Old Has Been Upto

Grace Vanderwaal is now working as an actress, model, and singer since her rise to stardom in 2016. 

She has signed up with an international talent agency, IMG Models, since winning the AGT at 12, as per NBC's Insider.

Upon completing the show in September 2016, she was featured as a guest on multiple talk shows like The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

In October, she performed four sold-out concerts in the PH Showroom at the Las Vegas Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino, performing alongside her fellow AGT finalists.

Debuting on the Billboard 200 Chart at number 9, it was the best-selling EP of 2016, with The lead single, "I Don't Know My Name," charting at No. 37 on Billboard Digital Song Sales.

Grace featuring in 10th Anniversary of Untitled Magazine
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The 19-year-old promoted her EP with several tours and live concerts across the states, even performing her song "Light the Sky" and "Riptide" at halftime during a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden.

With such big fame and a huge fanbase, the teen singer has been approached by various garment industry and fashion giants like Chanel to endorse their products, and she's been a brand ambassador to many such companies.

The actress has also received numerous accolades since being voted the AGT winner. She won Radio Disney Music Awards for Best New Artist, Teen Choice Award, and Rising Star Award in 2017.

In 2018, the 19-year-old won Radio Disney Music Awards and MTV Europe Music Awards, the most recent being the 32nd Japan Gold Disc Awards for New Artist of the year.

Since launching her YouTube channel, Oh Never Mind It's Just Me - Grace Vanderwall, in 2015, Grace has amassed 3.47 million subscribers and over 466 million views. 

So far, she has uploaded 79 videos on her YT channel and posts official music videos, song covers, Behind the Scenes production, and live performance videos.

Grace is active on various social media platforms, such as @gracevanderwaal and @GraceVanderWaal on Instagram and Twitter, respectively, and has 5.5 million 256,000 followers. 

On Instagram, she frequently updates her fans with selfies, photographs of friends hanging out, her beloved pets, and many other shots showcasing what she does in her day-to-day life.

Like many other celebrities, the AGT alum is also on TikTok as @gracevan01, with almost a million followers. She isn't very active on this platform but occasionally uses it to showcase her latest duets with other content creators and teasers on her upcoming music videos.

Moving on to her relationship, she is unmarried and single. As per Distractify, she was previously linked to Eduardo Vanzin, but the relationship is not confirmed.

As of 2023, the teenager doesn't seem to be dating anyone, as she separates her professional work from her personal life.

Whether she will live up to the title of "The Next Taylor Swift" is debatable, but the singer is not short of talent and eagerness. Not to mention, she is just 19 years of age, and we haven't witnessed her full potential.