Gretta Vedler, a Putin critic who had been missing for nearly a year, was discovered dead inside a suitcase. Learn about the circumstances surrounding her death and other details.

The body of a Russian model was discovered packed in a suitcase, after being reported missing for more than a year.

Velder was murdered just a month after describing Russian President Vladimir Putin as a "psychopath" and saying that his attempt to "repair Russia's integrity" would end in catastrophe.

According to authorities, the murder case, however, is unrelated to her political opinions or interpretation of Putin's thoughts and motives.

Who was model Gretta Vedler? 

Gretta Vedler was a Russian model who went missing over a year ago and whose body was discovered stuffed inside a suitcase.

She was found on Tuesday, March 15, 2022. 

Gretta Vedler Age & Wikipedia

Gretta Vedler was 23 years old when she went missing a year ago.

So far, very little information about her has been released.

Her personal information as well as her professional life are still shrouded in secrecy.

When it comes to Gretta Vedler's family, her parents have remained out of the spotlight thus far.

They must, however, be heartbroken after learning what happened to their daughter.

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Find Gretta Vedler On Instagram

Gretta Vedler's Instagram handle is yet to be uncovered. At this point, the account might have been terminated.

Dmitry, Gretta's boyfriend, was active on her Instagram account, sharing photos of her to give the impression that she was still alive.

Putin Critic Found Dead In Suitcase: Cause Of Death 

Putin critic Gretta Vedler was strangled to death by her ex-boyfriend, Dmitry Korovin, who admitted to killing her after a money dispute in Moscow.

There are no connections to her political beliefs or Putin's thoughts.

Korovin confessed to the murder and said that he slept in a hotel room with her body in a suitcase for three nights.

He then transported Vedler's body to the Lipetsk region, where he left it for more than a year in the boot of a car.

Furthermore, he uploaded images and messages to the model's social media accounts, giving the impression that she was still alive.

However, Vedler's close friend and blogger in Kharkiv, Ukraine, Evgeniy Foster, became concerned.

He called a Moscow friend and advised them to file a missing person report.

This sparked a search that ultimately led to her body's discovery.

The Investigative Committee of Russia released Korovin's confession video.

Further, Korovin also shows how he killed the model in the video.