Actor Griffin Santopietro plays Anthony in Cobra Kai. ( Source : Thesportsgrail )

Actor Griffin Santopietro, the son of supportive parents Kathy Santopietro and John Santopietro, is a cast member of Cobra Kai as it gears up for its fifth season.

Getting famous after his appearance on the Netflix series, his character, Anthony, and his peers, Dallas Dupree Young and Oona O’Brien got rumored to have significant plotlines in the upcoming installment of the Karate-based series. 

Initially, Anthony ran away whenever someone talked about martial arts but came to adhere to his responsibility after the dojo war intensified. His personality matured as he finally understood the value of Miyagi-Do training as he accompanied his sister.

Guru Kenny’s training pulled him out of a dark space, as he had become the best fighter in the gang. He followed in his brilliant sister's footsteps and made her proud.

Indeed, the vigorous fight scenes and realistic sets were intimidating for the first-time actor, as the final fight tested his status as a martial artist and an actor. He had an inherent need to step up his game as he had to be up to par with his opponent and create a good scene.

Quick Info

NameGriffin Santopietro
Age16 years old
FatherDaniel Santopietro
MotherAmanda LaRusso

Some FAQs

Where is Griffin Santopietro from?

16 year old actor Griffin Santopietro is from Portland, Maine, United States.

Who played Anthony LaRusso in Season 1?

Griffin Santopietro is an actor known for portraying Anthony LaRusso in Cobra Kai.

What school does Griffin Santopietro go to?

Griffin recently starred in the Netflix show "Cobra Kai" which is based on "The Karate Kid and is a 2020 graduate of Renbrook.

Meet Griffin Santopietro Parents, Daniel Santopietro And Amanda LaRusso

16-year-old rising star Griffin Santopietro's on-screen parents are Daniel Santopietro and his wife Amanda LaRussoo on the show Cobra Kai. Meanwhile, his biological parents are Kathy Santopietro and John Santopietro.

But his real-life parents have not made their names public as they are laid back when showing off their faces on social media as they do not want the limelight or crave it.  

Indeed, the pair left no stones unturned or doors unknocked to secure roles for their son as they drove him to every audition.

Born on January 5, 2006, the Portland, Maine, native grew up alongside his two brothers. 

Meanwhile, his character, Anthony, the true son of Danial and Amanda, gave them a difficult time in the upbringing of their rowdy kid, kicking Mr. Miyagi in the face minutes after being born.

Griffin Santopietro is an actor who posed for the January eddition of Photobook Magazine.
Griffin Santopietro is an actor who posed for the January eddition of Photobook Magazine. ( Source : photobookmagazine )

The initial season established him as an uncaring teenager who preferred to play video games and had no interest in karate whatsoever. 

As a son of a prominent athlete, he spared no glance at the sport, only showing curiosity after watching him compete at the All Valley Karate Tournament. But he did not miss a beat when defending his dad from the naysayers, proudly saying his dad could beat any opponent.

In season three, he arrived at the doors of Miyagi-Do Karate alongside his mother. He only laughed as she scolded his on-screen sister, Sam. The following season conducted a drastic shift in his character after getting acquainted with a gang of bullies at West Valley Middle School. 

Then, he met his match Kenny Payne, the new kid, who did not back away from his taunts but taught him a lesson instead. After getting scolded by his father for his misgivings, he got pushed to read scrolls as his interest grew. 

By the fifth season, he continued his mean streak but became a diligent student and joined the Miyagi-Do Karate.

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Who Is Griffin Santopietro's Girlfriend?

Teenager Griffin Santopietro does not have a girlfriend, nor is he interested in romance as his career takes up his entire focus.

Even his Instagram handle, griffin_santopietro, only consists of being the scenes footage, having equal love for all his castmates. 

The only people around him that came be possible loves are his co-acters as his character has a crush on his co-star Lia Cabrera.

The supporting role was introduced in the fourth season as a West Valley Middle School student. But the makers ensued a love triangle between her and Anthony LaRusso and Kenny Payne as she only reciprocated their feeling for Kenny. 

Griffin Santopietro with the cast of Cobra Kai fifth season.
Griffin Santopietro with the cast of Cobra Kai fifth season. ( Source : instagram )

Initially, she caught the eyes of the rich kid after he watched her playing a basketball game during a physical education class. Having a good heart, she bravely intervened during a heated exchange between her suitors, telling Anthony to give him a break.

Wanting to look good in front of his crush, Anthonet felt his heart shatter after witnessing her become friendlier towards Kenny. 

Little known to her, her identity got used to catfish Kenny but only thought of the best of others.

She got shocked when she realized they had been classmates since elementary school and softened her heart towards the bully by inviting him to a carnival. 

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Does Griffin Santopietro Have Siblings?

American actor Griffin Santopietro is one of three siblings as he has two other brothers. Their names are a mystery as he does not want to steal the attention of his career.

As a kid, they watched Disney shows and enacted the scenes as the protagonist. At that time, his only wish was to get behind the screen as he did not know he would get a character to call his own.

Besides, he is new to the scene as he only began acting in 2016 when he appeared in the TV series Homicide Hunter. He commenced his journey at a young age, gathering over 12 credits in his short-time career. Some of his notable appearances include his time at Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Bull, and New Amsterdam.

He is also in projects like The Week Of, The Rack Pack, and the 2022 horror Terrifier 2.

Griffin Santopietro on a trip to Walt Disney World in June.
Griffin Santopietro on a trip to Walt Disney World in June. ( Source : instagram )

But his time at Cobra Kai has been nothing short of a film school as he got to meet wonderful people and called them his family. The physical exercises also enabled a thirst for boxing as he started building muscles in his downtime.

Indeed, his aspirations are as large as his heart as he hopes to become a superhero, as he has been a fan of comics since he was young.
But his hard work did not come empty-handed as he knew the repercussion of working in a fragile business and had law as his back plan if acting failed him.