Linda Burney's recent slurred speech on the ABC news has sparked rumors on if the politician has a stroke or other health problems.

Linda Burney is a shadow minister for the indigenous group of Australians and families and Social Services and presents the ALP's Indigenous Affairs program. She was the first aboriginal woman elected to the Australian House of Representatives in 2016, and the first to work in the New South Wales Parliament in 2003.

Had Linda Burney Had Stroke? Speech Impediment Problems

The Australian Labor Party politician Linda Burney got re-elected for the third wining with over 24000 votes against the Liberal Party Politician John Goody. However, while she was delivering her speech, it seems like the lady was not well and people speculate it to be a stroke.

Twitter is filled with concerns over Burney's health condition. People made her win with a high margin but it is complete grief if she is not well. Adding to it, her voters are applauding her sincerity that despite the uneasiness, she still chose to fulfill her duties. 

One of Twitteratti asks, what has happened to Linda. Further, she expresses her opinion saying that her speech is markedly slower that night on ABC news. She also questions if she has some illness or stroke.

Similarly, another Twitter handle gets concerned if Linda has a stroke or is just on some drinks.

There are high possibilities that Linda might have gone through a busy day that led to her speech getting slurred and not any other health issues. However, as the media has not addressed we are still in dilemma about what might have happened.

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Why Is Linda Burney's Speech Slurred?

One user takes Twitter to say even though it was a long night, Linda's speech showed that she had a stroke. The netizen further adds that the event seemed so hectic that even Andrew Probyn was stumbling over his words.

However, this is not the first time, people have talked about, Linda and her health issues. When we look back, even in 2021, there were active discussions around what may have happened to the MP and her speech.

Hence, we conclude that Linda might have had some issues with delivering her speech that night but it is unsure if the problem was serious or just a result of another chaotic day. 


Linda Burney Husband

Linda Burney was married to Rick Farley until his death in 2006. The couple has one son and a daughter together.  Rick was an Australian politician, journalist, and land and civil rights crusader for Indigenous Australians' rights.

Farley died outside Balmain Hospital in Sydney on May 13, 2006, at the age of 53, when his wheelchair toppled. He was on his way home after completing rehabilitation for a brain aneurysm he had had five months before.