Harris J uploaded a picture on Instagram on July
Source : instagram

Harris Jung aka Harris J announced his engagement on social media leading fans to disarray. Harris J posted a picture of him on the knees.

The British-born had voiced his belief as he even signed a contract with Awakening, an Islamic faith-inspired music production company, when he was only eighteen.

Although his style resonated with the modern pop scene, he paid homage to his roots when he created music that expressed his faith. He wished to use his talents to combat the misrepresentations faced by his culture and released his debut album, Salam, with the single Assalamu Alaikum.

Now 25, he needs to find a pleasant lady and settle down, desiring to have a family like everyone else. 

Singer Harris J Announces Engagement On Social Media.

Musical artist Harris J finally announced his engagement to a mysterious lady on his social media handles, including Instagram and Twitter

His millions of followers were stupefied by the news as he is not one to party or have a group of girls at his back and call. Instead, he devotes his time to his family and the children in need, as he has visited Pakistan and Ukraine to suffering children.

Harris J got down on one knee for a lady in November
Source : instagram

Indeed, many prayed for him to receive the same kind of happiness as his peers, and he hoped to get married in the upcoming five years. 

In November, he posted a picture of his proposal to his lady love, who remains mysterious. Since there is no caption to provide context for the scenario, neither her name nor Instagram handle got mentioned.

Harris was wearing a teal top with blue jeans as he stood on one knee amidst the fallen autumn leaves. They seemed inside their backyard as a shed and fence were visible in the background, with some trees to provide much-needed privacy. 

Meanwhile, his mysterious fiancee had her hands on her face, trying to mask her joy. Her woolen sweatpants and jackets hinted at the winter weather as the picture seemed to get taken through a metal fence. 

 Who Is Harris J Engaged to?

Sadly we would need to wait a bit before finding out the identity of the mysterious lady who stole the heart of the beloved Chelsea singer, as her husband-to-be has refused to tag her.

However, eagle-eyed fans have revealed her name as Amal in the comments on his tweet with the picture. We assume more details on her identity and their possible wedding is to come.

Besides, he would not want to compromise her security for the sake of answering some queries and questions.

Fans Have Mixed Reactions To The Harris J Engagement.

Twitter has been ablaze since Harris J dropped pictures almost 21 hours ago. The mass opinion has gotten swamped with congratulatory messages, with them expressing their joy from the news. They were happy that their idol finally found the woman he loved and wished the best for what was to come. 

But others were visibly upset, asking about their imaginary relationships and outcomes. Some even posted distraught images to give a perception of their feelings. 

His fanbase quickly shut down the negative comments, drowning it out with more blessings from Allah, while other fans wanted to know when his new single was going to drop.

Speaking about his single, one cannot deny that the notification coincides with his recent activities, with many calling it a publicity stunt. The lack of information worked against him, as @Natasyao2 asked him to be truthful with his fans.

Harris J on the streets of London, United Kingdom in October
Source : instagram

Harris J Has Joked About Getting Engaged

Besides, they have a reason not to believe Harris J's lies as he has been known for joking about his marital life.

In 2017, a YouTube handle, HarrisJ Fanbase, uploaded a video titled Harris J Is Getting Married. He started the ten-minute clip by talking about having an important statement. 

After a month of touring and stress, he was finally getting married to a lady named Yasmine. The families had been planning for months and were finally able to put together to time for the ceremony. 

He talked on and on about starting as friends and how she was funny, intelligent, but most importantly, fake. In reality, the video was a prank on his younger brother AJ, as he decided to tease his audience too.